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India Reports 324 Cases of the New COVID Variant FLiRT

New COVID-19 variant "FLiRT" raises global concerns with unusual symptoms and WHO recommends updating vaccinations.

Covishield Vaccine Sales Stopped?

Controversy swirls around Covishield vaccine as lawsuits in India and UK raise concerns over adverse effects, prompting AstraZeneca to withdraw its supply amid decreased demand.

Mask Rule Back As New COVID JN.1 Found in India

Kerala recording 339 new COVID-19 infections with the maximum single day rise on 16th December 2023 has concerned the health authorities of India.

Vivek Agnihotri Bankrupt After Making Vaccine War

Vivek Agnihotri's "The Vaccine War" explores COVID-19 origins and media manipulation, funded by Agnihotri, gaining praise in US screenings.

New Covid Variant ERIS Detected in India

The World Health Organisation (WHO) has listed the latest COVID-19 variant, EG.5.1, or ERIS, on its radar as cases started picking up in the US and UK.

Mask Rule Returns As Covid Cases Rise In India

India recorded more than 6000 new cases reported in the last 24 hours. Several States have made the mask rule mandatory.

COVID-19 Cases Increase in Maharashtra & Delhi

India continues to record a spike in daily COVID-19 cases, with Delhi and Maharashtra reporting a resounding uptick in coronavirus infections.

Woman Locks Self and Son for 3 Years In Fear of Covid-19

Due to extreme fear of contracting COVID-19, a woman locked herself and her minor son in their house in Gurugram's Chakkarpur for three years.

India Might Have a Covid Wave in January?

The next 40 days will be crucial as India may see a surge of Covid cases in mid-January, said some sources from the Union Health Ministry.

Price of New Covid-19 Nasal Vaccine Announced

Hyderabad-based vaccine maker Bharat Biotech on Tuesday announced the price of its recently-approved intranasal COVID-19 vaccine, named iNCOVACC.

Four Cases of Chinese BF.7 Covid Variant Detected in India

Four cases of Omicron sub-variant BF.7, which is the reason for China's current surge of Covid cases, have been detected in India so far.

10 Lakh Chinese May Die of COVID-19 in 2023

China is going to have 10 lakh COVID-19 deaths in 2023! For more information watch the entire video!

Scientist Claims Covid Was Man Made!

A US based scientist at Wuhan lab has now claimed that Covid-19 was a human made virus and not a naturally occurring pandemic.

WHO Warns of Deadly Camel Flu At FIFA World Cup

The WHO has warned 1.2 million football enthusiasts gathered in Qatar for the FIFA World Cup 2022 of a possible Camel Flu outbreak, considered to be a deadlier cousin of COVID-19.

Hong Kong to Giveaway 5 Lakh Free Air Ticket to Tourists

In an effort to revive its Covid-hit tourist sector, Hong Kong says it would give away 5lakh plane tickets worth 254.8 Million dollars for free.

Fearing Lockdown Shoppers In China Rush Out of IKEA

A video clip from Shanghai which is the capital city of China is massively going viral on social media showing Shoppers rushing out of an Ikea store.

Mask Becomes Mandatory in Delhi Again

Due to the rise in Covid-19 cases in Delhi, the authorities have decided to make the usage of facemasks mandatory in the city again.

Free Covid-19 Booster Shots For the Next 75 Days

All adults will be able to get free booster doses of the coronavirus vaccine at government centres under a special drive over the next 75 days which will be starting from Friday 15th July, officials s

First Case of Human Getting Covid from Cat Detected in Thailand

Now a case of a human being infected with Covid-19 by a cat has been reported from Thailand, science journal Nature said on Wednesday 29th June citing a study published in the journal Emerging Infecti

After Covid-19 Railway Concessions To Start Again From 1st July

Railway concessions, which had been withdrawn in March 2020, as Covid-19 hit India, will be brought back over two years later. The concession will start from July 1, 2022.

Monkeypox Spreading Across the World for the 1st Time

After the world has suffered with the covid-19 pandemic for almost the last 3 Years, Monkeypox is another disease which is concerning differnt countries around the world map- Watch full story

North Korea Confirms 1st Covid-19 Case After 2.5 Years

On Thursday, 11th of May North Korea announced its first-ever coronavirus case. According to the Korean Central News Agency- Watch full story

CAA Will be Imposed After Covid-19: Amit Shah

Ecently in a public rally in Bengal Amit Shah said that Mamta Banerjee is spreading rumors about CAA, However it is a reality and will be imposed soon- Watch full story

PM Modi Requests States to Reduce VAT on Petrol

Yesterday on 27th April, PM Modi hosted an online meeting with CM’s of all the states to discuss the current situation of Covid-19 in the country- Watch full story.

Children Between 6-12 Years Can Take Covaxin Vaccine

With another day of rising cases of the corona virus in the country, to a good news by the Drug Controller General of India, Children aged between 6-12 Years can now also be vaccinated with Covaxin-

Delhi Capital Under Quarantine, IPL Cancelled?

The camp of Delhi Capitals has been diagnosed with its first case of Covid-19 this season, will this result in the termination of IPL mid-way again?

WHO Stops Supply of COVAXIN

The World Health Organisation said on Saturday it has suspended supply through United Nations agencies of COVID-19 vaccine Covaxin, produced by India's Bharat Biotech.

What Has Happened to Sri Lanka’s Economy?

Sri Lanka is experiencing one of its most severe economic crises in decades, with rising inflation, weak government finances, and COVID-19 shattering the economy.

India to End all COVID Rules From 31 March 2022

The Centre has decided to lift all COVID-19 restrictions throughout the country after March 31.

COVID Vaccination for 12-14yrs Starts From 16 March 2022

Summary The Central government will start the Covid vaccination for the 12-14 year age group from 16 March 2020.

Queen Elizabeth Aged 95 Tests Positive For COVID-19

95 year old Queen Elizabeth had tested positive for Covid-19 and is showing mild symptoms.

ISH News Translates #Savlon Advertisement in Indian Sign Language

ISH News is proud to announce a collaboration with Savlon in which an advertisement, under their Swasth India Mission has been translated into Indian Sign Language! This advertisement aspires to h

India Approves FabiSpray For COVID-19 Treatment

Glenmark Pharmaceuticals has launched a nasal spray in India for the treatment of COVID-19 in adult patients.

Veteran Singer Lata Mangeshkar Dies At 92

Veteran singer Lata Mangeshkar passed away at the age of 92. The funeral was attended by PM Modi.

What is NeoCov & Is it Dangerous?

World Health Organization (WHO) has said that the question of whether the NeoCov coronavirus poses a threat to humans or not requires further study.

Singer Hana Horka Dies After Intentionally Catching COVID-19

Czech folk singer has died after she deliberately contracted Covid to obtain a health pass.

New Omicron Vaccine to Be Ready By March

Pfizer and BioNTech launch trial of Omicron-targeted COVID vaccine. Watch our video for all the details.

Europe May Start Treating COVID-19 As the Flu

Spain has become the first country in the world to start treating COVID like the flu and has asked people to just live with it.

Bihar Man Takes 11 Covid Jabs; Booked For Cheating

An 84-year-old man, from Bihar, came into the limelight after he said that he had taken the Covid-19 vaccine 11 times in the last one year.

Elections in 5 States From 10th Feb 2022

The Election Commission has announced the dates for the assembly election in 5 states.

Seven Indian Badminton Players Test Positive For COVID-19

Seven Indian badminton player playing in the India Open 2022 have been found positive for Covid-19

5 Foods To Prevent Common Cold

Watch our latest video to learn about the most nutritious foods to prevent a common cold!

Omicron Restrictions in Karnataka, Maharashtra, UP & Odisha

In view of the Omicron situation, most of the states have taken strict measures to ensure safety by imposing night curfews and other restrictions.

India’s First Omicron Death in Rajasthan

India today reported its first Omicron death in Udaipur, confirmed the centre. The man, Laxminarayan Nagar, was 73 years old.

New IHU of COVID-19 Variant Found in France

A new strain of coronavirus—IHU (B.1.640.2)—has been discovered in France that is more infectious than Omicron.

High Number of Children Hospitalised with COVID in USA

Children are being admitted to hospitals in huge numbers due to the significant increase in COVID-19 cases in the US.

Indian States Order Restrictions for Christmas & New Year

Amid the new COVID-19 variant Omicron scare in the nation and the looming Christmas and New Year celebrations, several state governments have imposed various restrictions.

Kareena Kapoor Blames Seema Khan For COVID Infection

Kareena Kapoor tests positive for COVID-19 and blames Seema Khan for the same. Watch our latest video for all the details.

Why Are You Ashamed Of The PM?: Court Asks Petitioner

Examining a plea seeking removal of PM Modi's photograph from the COVID-19 vaccination certificate, the Kerala High Court today asked the petitioner whether he was ashamed of the PM.

Chewing Gum May Help Protect Against COVID & Omicron

Scientists have come up with a unique idea to control the transmission of COVID-19. To know more check out our video.

Bodies of COVID Patients Found Rotting in Hospital

Bengaluru Hospital found dead bodies rotting in their morgue. Watch our videos for more details!

2 Cases of Omicron Reported in Karnataka, India

India has reported two cases of the new Omicron variant of coronavirus. Watch our latest video for more details!

States Impose Strict Travel Rules Because of Omicron

Indian states have imposed new restrictions for international travelers to stop the spread of Omicron.

Health Minister: No Omicron Case in India

Union Health Minister Mansukh Mandaviya informed the Rajya Sabha that no cases of the Omicron variant of coronavirus have been detected in India.

What is the ‘Omicron Variant’ & it’s Symptoms?

The new potentially more contagious Covid-19 variant, which was first identified in South Africa, has now popped up in several other countries.

COVID-19 Infections Reduce in India

India reported over 8,000 new COVID-19 cases, the lowest single-day tally in the last one and a half years.

Salaries of Unvaccinated Staff Put on Hold

The Thane Municipal Corporation has decided to impose penalties on its staff, who have not yet gotten vaccinated against covid.

DDMA Allows Chhath Puja in Delhi

The DDMA has now decided to permit Chhath Puja Celebrations, however this needs to be done with covid appropriate behaviour and regulations.

UP Govt. Withdraws 3 Lakh+ Cases

The UP Government has withdrawn 3 lakh+ cases against people in the state. These cases had been filed for violation of covid rules.

17 Cases of New Delta Variant ‘AY.4.2’ Found in India

17 cases of AY.4.2 variant of the novel coronavirus have been reported from Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh, Kerala, Maharashtra, Jammu & Kashmir and Telangana.

India Administers 100 Crore Covid-19 Vaccine Doses

India's COVID-19 vaccinations crossed the 100 crore! Check out our latest video to learn more.

Maharashtra Reopens Amusement Parks

Chief Minister Uddhav Thackeray and the Covid task force, Maharashtra has decided to open amusement parks from 22 October.

USA Doctors Put Pig Kidney in Human

Due to the rise of Covid-19 case, many countries like Russia, China, New Zealand etc have imposed a lockdown.

Russia, China & New Zealand Order Lockdown

Due to the rise of Covid-19 case, many countries like Russia, China, New Zealand etc have imposed a lockdown.

Vaccinated Students to Attend College Soon

The Government of Maharashtra has issued guidelines for the opening up of higher educational institutions. Colleges are also instructed to have inoculation drives for unvaccinated students.

Canadian Man Punches Nurse for Vaccinating Wife

A man in Canada punched a nurse for giving his wife the covid vaccine, without his permission. A hunt for him is on, he will be arrested soon

Thane Man Mistakenly Jabbed for Rabies Instead of Covid-19

A resident of Kalwa in Maharashtra’s Thane city was mistakenly administered an anti-rabies vaccine (ARV) instead of the Covid-19 jab.

Very Few Pregnant Women Take COVID Vaccine

Pregnant women are still hesitant to take the COVID vaccine due to multiple misunderstandings. Watch our latest video to learn more.

J&J Vaccine May Be Approved Soon in India

35 lakh doses of the COVID-19 vaccine developed by United States pharma giant Johnson & Johnson have reportedly reached the apex vaccine testing laboratory in Kasauli, Himachal Pradesh.

Will COVID-19 Pandemic End in 6 Months?

Scientists say that the current COVID-19 pandemic will not end in the next few months. Watch our latest video to learn more.

Man Living in Cave for 20 Years Gets Covid Vaccine

A man who has been living in a cave since 20 years, immediately after hearing about the coronavirus, got himself vaccinated.

New Zealand Locks Down Over 1 COVID Case

New Zealand PM Jacinda Ardern ordered a sudden three-day lockdown Tuesday after suspicions emerged of a single case of locally transmitted Delta variant infection.

COVID+ Man Wears Burqa To Board Flight

An Indonesian man has been arrested for boarding a flight disguised as his wife in a ‘Burqa’, despite testing positive for Covid-19.

Maharashtra Relaxes Covid Restrictions From 15th August

The Uddhav Thackeray-led Maharashtra government on Wednesday eased more curbs in the states as it allowed restaurants and hotels to operate till 10 pm extending their earlier 4 pm deadline.

40,000 Vaccinated People Infected with COVID in Kerala

More than 40,000 cases of breakthrough infection - where the patient contracted the virus after vaccination - have been detected in Kerala.

Rajasthan Teachers Travel on Camel To Students’ Houses

Amidst the COVID-19 lockdown, teachers in Rajasthan travel on camel back to teach students. Watch our latest video to learn more.

Doctor Tests Positive for Twice After Vaccination

Mumbai Doctor Tests Covid Positive Thrice, Twice After Both Vaccine Doses. Watch our latest video for more details.

India’s 1st COVID-19 Patient Reinfected With Virus

A medical student from Kerala's Thrissur district, who was the first COVID-19 case in India last January, has contracted the virus again.

Rishabh Pant Recovers from COVID & Resumes Cricket

At the start of July Rishab Pant had got infected with Covid-19. He has now recovered and resumed practice with the team.

Gujarat HC Orders Hospital to Collect Sperm of COVID Patient

A private hospital in Vadodara collected and preserved the sperm of a man suffering from multi-organ failure following post-Covid complications.

Unmarried Deaf Man Sterilised on the Pretext of COVID Vaccine

In Etah district of Uttar Pradesh, a deaf man was sterilised on the pretext of giving him COVID shot at the district hospital.

Ujjain Collector: No Vaccine, No Salary

To achieve the target of 100% vaccination against COVID-19, the Ujjain district administration has issued an order saying that government employees will not get their salaries from next month if they

No Spectators for Tokyo 2020 Olympics

In a massive development, Japan Prime Minister Yoshihde Suga has announced a state of emergency due to the rising number of COVID-19 infections in Tokyo.

After ‘Black Fungus’ Doctors Warn About ‘Bone Death’

Doctors have observed a few cases of avascular necrosis (AVN), also commonly known as bone death amongst patients who have recovered from coronavirus.

Manali Flooded With Tourists Despite 3rd Wave Concerns

People have thronged Manali and other hill towns even as concerns over a third wave of COVID-19 are growing. Watch our latest video to learn more.

India Govt Starts Vaccinating Pregnant Women

In its latest statement, the Union Health Ministry said pregnant women “can and should” get the COVID vaccine.

Home Remedies to Treat a Fever

A fever can induce a restless and uncomfortable feeling among many. Watch our latest video to learn how to soothe such feelings using simple home remedies.

Milkha Singh The Flying Sikh Dies At 91

Milkha Singh, the legendary Indian sprinter, died at the age of 91 on June 19, due to post Covid-19 complications.

'Vaccine Bus' To Inoculate Vegetable Vendors In Kolkata

A bus was turned into a COVID-19 vaccination center, which will travel to different markets of Kolkata to vaccinate priority groups, including vegetable and fish sellers.

Society In Mumbai Scammed into Fake Vaccine Camp

A housing society in Mumbai's Kandivali area has complained to police that it was apparently cheated by some persons who organized a COVID-19 vaccination camp.

Man Infected with ‘Green Fungus’ in Madhya Pradesh

A Covid survivor in Madhya Pradesh has been infected with 'Green Fungus' - possibly the first such reported case in the country.

Man Claims to Have Magnetic Powers After Vaccination

Arvind Jagannath Sonar living in Nashik has taken the side-effects of vaccines to a whole new level as he claimed to develop magnetic powers after taking the second dose of vaccine.

PM Modi Announced Free COVID Vaccines for Adults

In his address to the nation, Prime Minister Narendra Modi on 7th June announced a centralised Covid-19 vaccine policy.

Mumbai Unlock : New Rules Start From 7th June 2021

The Maharashtra government has announced a five-level plan to unlock various cities and districts in the state based on the Covid positivity rate and occupancy of oxygen beds.

Covid Patient’s Body Being Dumped in River

A video of the body of a COVID-19 victim being thrown in a river in Uttar Pradesh has gone viral. The incident occurred in the Balrampur district.

DCGI : Gautam Gambhir Stored COVID Drugs Illegally

The DCGI has told the Delhi High Court that Gautam Gambhir illegally purchased and distributed medicine and oxygen.

China Prepares for Nuclear War with USA

China State Media Says Country Must Prepare for Nuclear War With U.S. After Biden Asks for COVID Probe.

Assam Doctor Assaulted by Family of Dead COVID Patient

Dr Seuj Kumar Senapati was assaulted by a mob comprising the relatives and friends of a patient who died at the hospital.

India Will Test Mixing of Two Different COVID Vaccines

India may soon begin testing the feasibility of a regimen that mixes two different Covid -19 vaccines to see if it helps boost immune response to the virus.

577 Kids Orphaned Due to COVID-19

As many as 577 children across India were orphaned after their parents died to COVID-19.

Hundreds Line Up for ‘Mystery Medicine’ to Cure Covid-19

Taking advantage of the rising number of COVID-19 cases, a self-proclaimed Ayurvedic doctor has been giving 'miracle medicine' for the treatment. Watch our latest video to learn more.

Madurai Couple Get Married on SpiceJet Flight

A wedding on a chartered flight has won full marks for ingenuity but is under investigation over the violation of Covid-safety rules.

The Gift of Life (Advertisement)

The Mask Lab is your premier source for International Quality Medical Grade Masks. Watch our latest video to catch a glimpse of their latest products.

Woman Offers To Breastfeed Newborns Who Lose Mother

A mother of a two-month-old girl in Guwahati has volunteered to breastfeed newborns in the city who have lost their mothers to coronavirus or those who can't feed the child as they are in isolation du

Together in Birth & Death: Twins Die Due to Covid

A family in Meerut lost two brothers - twins, to post-Covid complications. Watch our latest video to learn about their heartbreaking story.

‘Bigg Boss Malayalam’ Cancelled for Breaking COVID Rules

Bigg Boss Malayalam Season 3 has been temporarily suspended after sets of the show got sealed by the Tamil Nadu Police and health department.

ICMR Approves at Home COVID-19 Testing Kit

Pune-based pharma company, Mylab Discovery Solutions had created a self-use test kit for Covid-19 called “CoviSelf” which has been approved by ICMR.

Odisha CM Gives Rs 60 Lakh to Feed Stray Animals

Odisha Chief Minister Naveen Patnaik has sanctioned an amount of Rs 60 lakh to enable local bodies to feed stray animals during the Covid-19 lockdown.

Deaf Leader E.P.Hydru Passes Away Due to COVID-19

E.P.Hydru a much adored and jovial Deaf leader from Kerala, breathed his last on 18th May 2021 due to the coronavirus. Watch our latest video to learn about his exemplary life.

7 Men Steal Clothes from Dead Bodies in Crematoriums

Seven people have been arrested in Baghpat in western Uttar Pradesh for stealing clothes of the dead from crematoriums and burial grounds.

Pragya Thakur Says ‘Cow Urine’ Effective Against COVID

Bharatiya Janata Party leader Pragya Thakur has said, Cow urine can help beat Covid-19, urging party workers to also consume gau mutra.

India Govt Stops Plasma Therapy for COVID Patients

Plasma therapy, widely used in hospitals for treating moderate coronavirus patients, has been dropped from the centre's list of COVID-19 treatments.

8 Lions Test Positive for Coronavirus in Hyderabad

In what is being seen as the first such case in India, eight Asiatic lions have tested positive for the novel coronavirus at a zoo in Hyderabad.

IMA Files Complaint Against Baba Ramdev

Netizens after a video went viral in which Baba Ramdev is seen mocking COVID patients.

Maharashtra Stops Vaccination for 18-44 Age Group

Maharashtra - the state where COVID-19 took the maximum toll - is considering looking at the possibility of importing vaccines directly for the use of citizens in Mumbai.

45 COVID Dead Bodies Found in Ganga River in Bihar

At the bank of the Ganga in Bihar’s Buxar district, locals spotted many dead bodies floating in the water.

Black Fungus Detected in Surat, Delhi & Maharashtra

Cases of mucormycosis, commonly known as black fungus, have been reported from Gujarat, Maharashtra & Delhi among those who have recovered from Covid-19.

Chinese Scientists Discuss Weaponization of COVID-19 in 2015

The paper titled The Unnatural Origin of SARS and New Species of Man-Made Viruses as Genetic Bioweapons suggested that World War Three would be fought with biological weapons.

Hygiene Tips for COVID Dental Care

Dental hygiene is crucial during the COVID-19 pandemic as the mouth becomes a reservoir for germs. Watch our latest video to learn simple Tips to promote dental health.

Women Guard MP Village to Control COVID Infections

As the rest of the country grapples with a deadly pandemic and COVID-19 numbers continue to rise, this village in Madhya Pradesh has managed to keep the virus at bay.

Heartbreaking Stories of COVID-19 in India

In this video, we bring to you some of the heartbreaking stories of people in India running from pillar to post to treat their loved ones suffering from COVID-19.

Oxygen Langars - A Ray Of Hope

Delhi comes up with ‘Oxygen Langars’ to help COVID patients. Watch our latest video to learn more.

Cop Conducts Haldi Ceremony in Police Station

Rajasthan Cop's 'Haldi Ceremony Held at Police Station as She Couldn’t Get Day Off. Watch our latest video to learn more about this story.

Kannada Actor Arjun Gowda Becomes Ambulance Driver

Kannada actor Arjun Gowda has partnered with NGO Project Smile Trust and volunteered to be an ambulance driver to ferry Covid-19 patients.

Part 2 : BMC’s Home Isolation Guidelines for the Caregiver

The BRIHANMUMBAI MUNICIPAL CORPORATION has released their Home Isolation Guidelines for Caregivers of COVID-19 patients who are isolating at home. Watch our latest video to learn all about these guide

T20 World Cup Postponed Amidst Fears of 3rd COVID Wave

The BCCI is planning to move the men’s T20 World Cup to the UAE amidst fears over the 3rd wave of the coronavirus. Watch our latest video to learn more.

BCCI Postpones IPL 2021 Indefinitely

The Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) has indefinitely postponed the Indian Premier League (IPL) 2021 after several players and support staff tested positive for COVID-19.

Community Fridges Help to Feed the Poor

Community fridges, maintained by voluntary organisations, take care of the hungry while engendering a healthy respect for food conservation.

IPL: KKR & CSK Players Test Positive For Covid-19

The match between Kolkata Knight Riders and Royal Challengers Bangalore on May 3 has been rescheduled after two KKR players, Varun Chakravarthy and Sandeep Warrier, tested positive for Covid-19.

Goa Deputy CM Dances at a Wedding Function

The Deputy CM and Tourism Minister Babu Ajgaonkar was seen dancing at a wedding reception while India is battling the 2nd wave of COVID-19.

Tripura DM to be Investigated for Bad Behaviour

The Tripura government on Wednesday constituted a panel to probe the conduct of a District Magistrate who allegedly abused guests and families at two wedding ceremonies for flouting COVID-19 restricti

Celebrities Occupy Hospital Beds in Mumbai

According to the Maharashtra minister, some Bollywood celebrities and cricketers had occupied hospital beds in Mumbai despite having no serious Covid symptoms.

Bihar’s BJP MLA Throws Wedding Party for Son

Bihar's BJP MLA Manchan Kesari hosted a big fat wedding party on Tuesday in the presence of a huge crowd flouting all Covid guidelines.

#ResignModi Trends on Social Media

Hours after blocking posts containing ‘#Resign Modi’ hashtag, Facebook claimed it was an inadvertent error and not done at the behest of the government.

85 Year Old Gives Up Hospital Bed For A Young Man

A 85 year old covid patient vacated his bed in order to save the life of a 40 year old patient.

Biden Permits Fully Vaccinated Americans Go Out Maskless

American President, Joe Biden has told fully vaccinated Americans that they can go outdoors without a face mask but have to wear a mask in crowds.

Karnataka Imposed 14-Day Lockdown

Karnataka CM has announced strict restrictions in the state for two weeks as there is a massive surge in Covid-19 cases over the past months.

90-Year-Old Man Recovers from COVID Twice

A 90-year old man named Pandurang Aglave, from Beed has beaten coronavirus twice.

Bret Lee Donates 1 Bitcoin to India’s COVID Fight

Australian fast bowler Pat Cummins and Brett Lee gave donations in India to help fight the pandemic.

COVID-19 Vaccines Becomes Expensive in India

From May 1, everyone above 18 years will be considered eligible for getting a vaccination against Covid-19 only through advanced booking on Co-Win website.

Sonu Sood Tests Positive for COVID-19

Actor Sonu Sood, known for his altruistic side, has tested positive for COVID-19.

Part 1 : BMC’s Home Isolation Guidelines for Patients

The BRIHANMUMBAI MUNICIPAL CORPORATION has released their Home Isolation Guidelines for COVID-19 patients who are isolating at home. Watch our latest video to learn all about these guidelines in India

Israel Govt Lifts Public Mask Rule

Israel has lifted a public mask mandate and fully reopened its education system following its mass vaccination drive.

New COVID Strain & their Symptoms

The emergence of the mutant strain of Covid in the country, has led to newer symptoms among the citizens. Watch our latest video to learn more.

Strict Lockdown Rules in Karnataka, Delhi, Maharashtra & Uttar Pradesh

States across India have implemented strict rules to contain the spread of COVID-19. Watch our latest video to learn more.

India Decides to Vaccinate Everyone Above 18 Years

The central government has decided to expand the ongoing COVID-19 vaccination drive to all persons above the age of 18 starting 1st May.

Gujarat & Chhattisgarh Struggle to Cremate COVID Patients

Relatives of COVID-19 victims as well as those who died of other ailments are forced to wait for hours for performing the last rites as many crematoriums in Gujarat are witnessing a huge rush since th

India Will Get 5 More Vaccines by October 2021

India is likely to have five more COVID-19 vaccines by October this year.

Scottish Politicians Blames Gay Marriage For COVID Pandemic

A Scottish politician has sparked outrage after claiming that the coronavirus pandemic has been caused due to gay marriages.

Modi Chairs Meeting with CM to Discuss COVID Situation

Prime Minister Narendra Modi on 8th April chaired a meeting with Chief Ministers to review the COVID-19 situation in India.

Maharashtra Complains of Vaccine Shortage

Maharashtra health minister, Rajesh Tope said that the state has only two days of stock of Covid-19 vaccines, after which it will officially run out of vaccine doses for the immunisation drive.

Maharashtra Announces Weekend Lockdown

The Maharashtra government has imposed strict restrictions in the country to contain the rising cases of COVID-19.

Gujarat Student Fakes COVID to Skip Exams

A student in Gujarat faked a covid outbreak in her school, so that the school would cancel the offline exams.

SII’s Covovax to Launch in September 2021

Adar Poonawalla, CEO of the world's largest vaccine manufacturer Serum Institute of India, announced the start of trials for the anti-covid vaccine Covovax.

Kumbh Mela 2021 Begins in Haridwar

He Kumbh Mela has formally begun in Haridwar on 1st April, with several restrictions amid rising cases of Covid-19 infections in various states including Uttarakhand.

No Holi Celebrations for India in 2021

Amid an acute spike in the Covid-19 cases in the country, Holi 2021 will be a muted affair as the Centre has already asked states and UTs to take adequate measures to arrest the surge of daily cases a

BMC to Randomly Test Citizens For COVID

The BMC has said that Mumbai will test people for COVID-19 randomly at crowded places without their consent.

Moderna Begins Vaccine Trials on Children

U.S. manufacturer Moderna on Tuesday said it has started COVID-19 vaccine trials for children aged from 6 months to under 12 years old.

Maharashtra Issues New Guidelines To Control Infections

Maharashtra Chief Minister Uddhav Thackeray on 15th March instead of announcing a lockdown released new guidelines because of the rising cases of COVID-19.

Teenager Uses Fabric Waste To Make Clothes For Poor

Distressed over fabric waste generated at his father's garment factory being dumped in landfills, a 15-year-old Kolkata boy is using the waste material to stitch clothes for children. Watch our latest

Indigo Passenger Says He's COVID Positive Before Take-Off

A passenger in a Pune-bound IndiGo flight informed the crew members that his Covid test report had just arrived and he had tested positive.

How to Register on Co-WIN Website for Seniors?

Registration for the COVID Vaccine on the Co-WIN App has led to a lot of confusion. In our latest video we explain the process in an accessible format with Indian Sign Language (ISL), subtitles and Vo

Govt Clarifies Co-WIN App not for Public Use

The Co-WIN platform, which is used to register for COVID-19 vaccination, faced several minor glitches as the second phase of India's coronavirus vaccination program commenced.

Chinese Hackers Attack Serum Institute & Bharat Biotech

A Chinese State backed hacking group has targeted the IT systems of two COVID vaccine making companies namely Serum Institute of India (SII) & Bharat Biotech.

PM Modi Gets First Dose of COVID Vaccine

India’s PM Narendra Modi received the first dose of the Coronavirus vaccine at Delhi’s AIIMS. Watch our latest video for all the details.

Resort Gives 14 Day Free Stay For Covid-19 Patients

Palace Resorts in Jamaica and Mexico are offering guests free 14-night stay if they test positive for COVID-19.

IMA Shocked Over Patanjali’s Lies About Coronil

PATANJALI’S DIVYA Coronil has received certification from AYUSH Ministry as per WHO norms as a drug that can be used as “supporting measure in Covid-19” and as an immuno-booster.

Activist Disha Ravi Arrested For Farmer's Protest 'ToolKit'

The Maharashtra government has warned of taking “strict actions” to implement coronavirus-related restrictions amid a rise in daily new cases in the last few days.

Maharashtra Govt. Warns of Lockdown As COVID-19 Cases Rise

The Maharashtra government has warned of taking “strict actions” to implement coronavirus-related restrictions amid a rise in daily new cases in the last few days.

Covid Vaccine Passports: A New Trend

Covid Vaccine passport is proof that a person has been vaccinated. Many countries are now asking for coronavirus vaccination documents and only then they are allowed to travel.

2 Deaths Reported After COVID Vaccination

Two persons have died after receiving the COVID-19 vaccine, but neither deaths are related to vaccines.

India Begins World's Largest Vaccination Drive

India started vaccinating the health workers Saturday 16th January 2021. India’s vaccination drive is said to be the world’s largest COVID-19 vaccination campaign.

Pope Francis & Former Pope Benedict Receive COVID Vaccine

Pope Francis and former Pope Benedict have received the first dose of a coronavirus vaccine. Watch our latest video for the details.

Woman Leashes Husband To Go Out In Curfew

A woman was stopped by the police in Quebec, Canada and fined when she walked outside her house during curfew with her husband who she was walking on a leash.

Budget Documents Will Not be Printed This Year

For the first time since 1947, the Union Budget documents will not be printed this year owing to the COVID-19 pandemic. PDF copies would be sent to the 750 Members of the Parliament.

COVID-19 Vaccination Drive to Start From 16th January

The coronavirus vaccination drive in India will be started on January 16, 2021. Firstly, vaccine doses will be administered to 3 crore healthcare officials and the frontline workers across the coun

Brazil President: Covid Vaccine Turns You Into Crocodile

Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro suggested covid vaccines could turn people into crocodiles or bearded ladies. While launching the country’s mass vaccination program, he insisted he would not be vac

India Approves Two COVID Vaccines

On Friday 1st January, an expert panel on Covid-19 of the CDSCO recommended that permission should be granted for restricted emergency use of Oxford COVID-19 vaccine Covishield in India.

Most Awaited Movies of 2021

The year 2020 kept us far away from cinema halls due to the Covid 19 pandemic. Many big films are releasing in 2021. In the video we show you the list of most awaited Bollywood and Hollywood movies re

Saluting the Covid Warriors of India

This year saw millions of lives getting unsettled or destroyed with the pandemic. We must salute the Covid Warriors, both groups and individuals who are helping make this world a safer, better place.

India Detects 6 Cases of New Covid-19 Strain

The Health Ministry on 29th December said that India has detected six cases of the new starin coronavirus in travellers who recently returned from the UK.

Will Vaccine Work on New COVID Strain?

With the emergence of the new strain of Coronavirus, doubts have emerged about the efficacy of the new vaccine.

Gwalior Authorities Jail People For Not Wearing Masks

The local administration announced that people found without masks will be put in open jails. They will also have to write an essay on Covid-19.

Man Walks 450 KM After Argument With Wife

An Italian man walked for 450 Kms to cool down after an argument with his wife. He was fined for breaking COVID-19 lockdown rules.

20 Passengers From UK Test Positive For COVID in India

20 passengers from the United Kingdom have tested positive for Covid-19 at airports in Delhi, Chennai and Kolkata.

Suresh Raina, Guru Randhawa & Sussanne Khan Arrested

Cricketer Suresh Raina and singer Guru Randhawa were arrested from a club in Mumbai’s Andheri early Tuesday morning for violating Covid-19 norms.

Argentina Passes Millionaire’s Tax for Covid Relief

Argentina’s Senate has approved a new one time wealth tax to be paid by the rich people. The money will help the government fund COVID-19 measures, including purchasing health supplies and giving econ

What is the Meaning of Vaccination?

With the availability of the COVID-19 vaccine around the world, there are still some who are unaware of the meaning of vaccination and its significance. Watch our latest video to learn all the details

Winter Session of Parliament Cancelled Due To Covid

Parliamentary Affairs Minister Pralhad Joshi said that no winter session of Parliament will be held due to the Covid-19 pandemic. The Budget Session is likely to be held in January 2021.

New Coronavirus Found in London

Amid COVID-19 vaccination campaigns, the UK has entered into its strictest lockdown restrictions. Watch our latest video for all the details.

Night Curfew in Mumbai on New Year

To control COVID-19 cases in Mumbai, the BMC has decided to impose a night curfew on 25th and 31st December.

UK Issues Allergy Warning For COVID Vaccine

UK’s regulatory MHRA has said that anyone who has a history of anaphylaxis should not get the Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 vaccine.

Register on Co-WIN App for COVID Vaccine

Union Health Ministry has developed a mobile application named Co-WIN which will help the authorities in real-time monitoring of COVID-19 vaccine delivery.

Actress Divya Bhatnagar Passes Away Due to COVID

Actress Divya Bhatnagar who was fighting the battle with Covid-19 lost her life on Monday 7th December at Mumbai’s Seven Hills Hospital.

Mumbai’s COVID Positivity Rate Below 5%

The Covid-19 positivity rate in Mumbai has fallen to just 5% after being at an all-time high since the start of the pandemic in March.

UK Approves Widespread Use of Pfizer Vaccine

Britain has become the first country to approve Pfizer-BioNTech's Covid-19 vaccine for general use from next week.

India Govt Will Not Vaccinate Entire Country

India's health authorities have said that the entire country need not be given the COVID-19 vaccine and only a critical mass of the 1.3 billion population needs to be vaccinated.

7 Vitamin A-Rich Foods For Lung Health

Vitamin A-rich foods help in protecting the lungs. Due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic it is essential to include such foods in one's diet. Watch our latest video to know more about such food items.

Entire Himachal Village Test Covid Positive, Except One Man

All residents of Thorang village in Himachal Pradesh’s Lahaul village except for one person have tested positive for COVID-19.

COVID Negative Test Needed to Enter Maharashtra

Now COVID negative report from an RT-PCR test will be needed for people travelling to Maharashtra from Delhi-NCR, Gujarat, Rajasthan and Goa.

Night Curfew Imposed in Madhya Pradesh & Gujarat

Some cities in Madhya Pradesh and Gujarat will see night curfew from tomorrow amid a spike in COVID-19 cases.

Pfizer’s COVID-19 Vaccine 95 Percentage Effective

Pharmaceutical giant Pfizer and German drugmaker BioNTech on Wednesday said their COVID-19 vaccine has been found 95% effective in final trials.

A Happy Diwali During Lockdown

Despite the devils that surround our lives right now, a happy Diwali is possible. Watch our latest video to learn how you can enjoy the festive season!

Rajasthan’s Pushkar Fair Cancelled

Amidst the rising cases of COVID-19, Rajasthan’s famous Pushkar fair has been cancelled.

Pfizer COVID-19 Vaccine 90 percentage Effective

United States pharmaceutical giant Pfizer and German biotech firm BioNTech have said their COVID-19 vaccine is over 90% effective, according to initial data from a large study.

Air NewZealand’s Mystery Break Travel Package

But amid the Covid-19 pandemic, all of travel seems like a big question mark. However, Air New Zealand is bringing back its Mystery Breaks offer. Watch the video to know what is Mystery Break Travel P

Gujarati Actor Naresh Kanodia Passes Away

Gujrati actor-turned BJP leader Naresh Kanodia breathed his last at a hospital in Gujarat's Ahmedabad on 27 October morning.

50% Indians Likely to Have COVID-19 by February

As per a Central government committee, 50 % of Indians may be infected by coronavirus by February next year.

COVID Cases May Increase During Winter

Researchers at Australia’s National Science agency have found that coronavirus can survive for up to 28 days on banknotes, glass items like mobile phone screens and stainless steel.

Strict Lockdown Imposed in London

Londoners will face stricter COVID-19 restrictions as authorities have decided to move into a Tier 2 lockdown to stem the spread of the coronavirus.

Tips to Protect Against Dengue

Along with the COVID-19 outbreak, cases of Dengue are on the rise as well. Watch our latest video to learn about the measures to protect against Dengue.

Shahid Kapoor Takes Rs 8 crore Pay Cut

Due to the COVID-19 outbreak and its economic repercussions, Bollywood actor Shahid Kapoor has taken a ?8 crore pay cut for his next movie.

Donald Trump Tests Positive for COVID-19

USA President Donald Trump and his wife test positive for COVID-19. Watch our latest video for all the details.

Mountaineers Cycle 750km to Spread Awareness

Mountaineers Satyarup Siddhanta and Rudrapasrad Haldar will cycle 750 km to and fro to educate rural people about the Coronavirus.

400 Priests of Jagannath Temple Test COVID Positive

More than 400 servitors and officials of the Jagannath temple in Puri have tested positive for Covid-19.

Indian Government Announces ‘Unlock 5.0’ Guidelines

The Ministry of Home Affairs (MHA) issued new guidelines on 30th September 2020 for opening up of more activities in areas outside the Containment Zones.

‘Feluda’ Tests Approved for Testing COVID-19

Drugs Controller General of India (DCGI) of India has approved commercial launch of Feluda a low cost COVID-19 test.

IPL 2020 Starts with a Bang

The IPL 2020 started on 19th September 2020 in the UAE after getting delayed for 6 months due to the COVID-19.

Chinese Doctor Says COVID-19 Made by China

A Chinese virologist named Dr Li-Meng Yan has revealed that she has proof that the novel coronavirus was created in a government-controlled laboratory in Wuhan.

Gyms & Yoga Centres Open in Delhi

The Delhi Government has allowed gyms and yoga centers to resume operations from 14th September 2020 with all necessary precautions.

Govt Has no Data on Doctors Who Died of COVID

The Union Health Ministry has no data about the doctors who died on duty due to COVID-19.

COVID Vaccine to be Available by 2024

Adar Poonawalla, the CEO of Serum Institute of India has said that the COVID-19 vaccine will not be available for the entire world before the end of 2024.

GFDW Helps Deaf Community During Lockdown

Gujarat Foundation of the Deaf Women raised funds to distribute food and support women in 8 cities of Gujarat.

US Court Orders White House to Provide ASL Interpreters

US District Judge James E. Boasberg has now ordered the White House to provide ASL interpreters for all its COVID-19 briefings.

WHO Expects COVID Vaccination by 2021

The World Health Organisation has said the large scale vaccinations of people will not happen this year.

Hollywood & Bollywood Actors Test Positive for COVID-19

Bollywood & Hollywood celebrities across the world have tested positive for COVID-19. Watch our latest video to learn more.

India’s GDP Falls by 23.9%

For the first time in 40 years India’s economy has fallen by 23.9%. Watch our latest video for all the details.

Indian Government Announces ‘Unlock 4.0’ Guidelines

The Ministry of Home Affairs (MHA) issued new guidelines for Unlock 4.0 in all areas except Containment Zones.

2 CSK Players Test Positive & Suresh Raina Leaves

Two members of the Chennai Super Kings team have tested positive for COVID-19 and Suresh Raina has dropped out of the tournament citing personal reasons.

Supreme Court Refuses to Allow Muharram Processions

A PIL was filed by a UP based based man seeking permission to allow Muharram Processions in the country. Watch our latest video to learn more.

Students Demand Postponement of JEE-Main & NEET

Despite the spike in COVID-19 cases in India, the Supreme Court has decided to go ahead with the JEE Mains & NEET UG exams.

Indians to Get COVID Vaccine in 73 Days

A top official at the Serum Institute of India said India will get its first coronavirus vaccine named Covishield in 73 days.

Thousand Enjoy Party in Wuhan with no Masks

While the entire world is struggling with the COVID-19 outbreak, China’s Wuhan has opened its water parks with thousands enjoying a music festival with no masks and social distancing.

New & More Dangerous Coronavirus in Malaysia

Malaysia has found a new strain of the coronavirus that is 10 times more infectious than COVID-19.

Head of Ram Mandir Trust Tests Positive for COVID

Nritya Gopal Das the head of Ram Temple Trust in Ayodhya has tested positive for coronavirus.

Wine Sold Through Windows in Italy

In 2020, because of the COVID outbreaks, wine sellers are using the Wine Windows to sell wine and practice social distancing.

743 Staff in Tirupati Test Positive for COVID-19

743 staff members at the famous Tirumala Tirupati Devasthanams in Andhra Pradesh have tested positive for COVID-19.

Strict Rules For Independence Day Celebrations

This year's Independence Day celebrations will have severe restrictions in Delhi and even in the states due to the coronavirus pandemic.

APAD Donates to Andhra Pradesh CM Relief Fund

Andhra Pradesh Association of the Deaf along with 5 other associations in Andhra Pradesh came together to contribute funds to the Andhra Pradesh’s Chief Minister’s fund.

Russia: Putin’s Daughter Receives COVID Vaccine

Russia declared itself the first country to approve a coronavirus vaccine with President Vladimir Putin saying one of his daughters had been inoculated.

Sanjay Dutt Detected With Stage Three Lung Cancer

Bollywood actor Sanjay Dutt has decided to take a sabbatical from films as he has been diagnosed with stage 3 lung cancer.

Fake Oximeter App to Steal Mobile Data

Cybercriminals are using Covid themed malicious apps, for fraudulent activities and fooling users. Watch our latest video to learn more.

New Tick-Borne Virus in China

China has reported a new infectious disease caused by a tick-borne virus. Watch our latest video for all the details.

CDA Donates to Chhattisgarh CM Relief Fund

Due to the ongoing COVID outbreak in the country, Chhattisgarh Deaf Association has made a contribution to the Chhattisgarh Chief Minister’s Relief Fund. Watch our latest video for all the details.

Restaurants Make Covid Curry & Mask Naan

In 1991, PM Modi had promised that he will visit Ayodhya again only when the Ram Mandir is built. Now after 29 years, Prime Minister Narendra Modi finally visited for the momentous foundation laying c

Amitabh Bachchan Tests Negative & Discharged

Amitabh Bachchan has tested negative for COVID-19 and has finally returned home.

Russia May Release COVID Vaccine By 10th August

Russia is planning to launch the world's first coronavirus vaccine for public use by 10th August.

The Ancient Brother-Sister Bond of Rakshabandhan

On the joyous occasion of Rakshabandhan, watch our latest video to learn about its rich history and also tips on how to celebrate it during the COVID pandemic.

Meet the Volunteer for COVID Vaccine

Meet the first person to volunteer for the latest Coronavirus vaccine COVAXIN.

43 Wedding Guests Test Positive in Kerala

Around 43 individuals in Kerala have tested positive for COVID-19 after attending a wedding ceremony.

Special COVID Vaccine Stock for Parsi Community

Billionaire industrialist Cyrus Poonawalla has promised to keep aside 60,000 vials of COVID-19 vaccines for the Parsi Community.

Indian Government Announced ‘Unlock 3.0’ Guidelines

The Ministry of Home Affairs issued fresh guidelines for Unlock 3.0 to relax the lockdown restrictions in all areas except containment zones. Watch our latest video to learn more.

Bengaluru Firm Machine Can Kill 99.99% Coronavirus

A Bengaluru based organization named De Scalene has made a device that can control the spread of coronavirus.

Nurse loses 22 Kg Due to COVID-19

Nurse Mike Schultz’s drastic transformation after getting infected with COVID-19 is proof of how the virus can destroy your body.

India Starts Flights to USA France

The Indian government has set up "Air Bubbles" with France and the US to resume international commercial flights from 24th July.

Child Raped in COVID Isolation Ward

A minor girl has allegedly been raped inside the Covid-19 isolation ward of the Patna Medical College and Hospital (PMCH) by a private security guard.

Government Advises to Stop Wearing N95 Masks

Director General of Health Services (DGHS) Ministry of Health wrote a letter to state authorities stating that the public is using the N95 masks inappropriately.

UK: Oxford’s COVID Vaccine Successful

The COVID-19 vaccine developed by researchers at Oxford University in the United Kingdom, has been confirmed to be safe and effective.

Special Masks For the Deaf in India

In the post COVID world, Deaf individuals are struggling to communicate due to opaque masks. Watch our latest video to learn more.

IDS Supports Deaf Individuals in Mumbai During Lockdown

India Society Deaf (IDS) helped out 40 Deaf individuals who were struggling to make ends meet during the COVID-19 outbreak.

Jeweller Makes Diamond studded Masks

Amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, jewellers in India are selling Diamond studded masks. Watch our latest video for all the details.

Russia Completes Human Trials for COVID Vaccine

Russia has now become the first country to complete human trials on humans for COVID-19 vaccine.

Donald Trump Wears Mask for the First Time

For the very first time since the outbreak of COVID-19, American President was seen wearing a mask in public.

Amitabh Bachchan Infected with COVID-19

Legendary actor Amitabh Bachchan has tested positive for COVID-19. Watch our latest for all the details.

NBF Helps Deaf Community During Lockdown

Amidst the COVID-19 outbreak, Neyyattinkara Badhira Federation (NBF) in Kerala has helped support many struggling Deaf individuals.

DYB Distributes Food to the Deaf in India

Amidst the deadly COVID-19 outbreak in India, the Deaf Youth of Bengaluru (DYB) has helped support thousands of struggling people. Watch our latest video to learn more!

First Cricket Match After COVID Outbreak

After a hiatus of 116 days due to the COVID outbreak, the first match between England Vs West Indies was held yesterday.

WHO Accepts COVID-19 Could be Airborne

The WHO has acknowledged that COVID-19 can be airborne. Watch our latest video, for all the details.

KDWF & Shabaaz Shaik Help Deaf in Karnataka

A Karnatak based women’s association KDWF along with a Deaf Businessman Shabaaz Shaikh, has helped distribute food and essentials to the Deaf COmmunity amidst the COVID-19 lockdown.

ICMR May Launch COVID-19 Vaccine by 15th August

India is currently in the works of creating a indigenous vaccine for COVID-19.

Lalbaugcha Raja Mandal Cancels Ganesh Festivities

Mumbai's famous Lalbaugcha Raja Sarvajanik Ganeshotsav Mandal has decided to suspend this year’s Ganesh festivities in light of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.

BDDSIA Distributes Food to Deaf During Lockdown

BDDSIA help Deaf Community by distributing food and supplies in Karnataka. Watch our latest video to know more.

100 Wedding Guests Test Corona Positive in Bihar

A wedding has set off the biggest infection chain in Bihar. Watch our latest video to know all the details.

Maharashtra Lockdown Will Continue After 30th June

Maharashtra Chief Minister Uddhav Thackeray has announced that the lockdown will be extended after 30th June 2020.

10 Pakistani Cricketers Test COVID Positive

A total of 10 Pakistan cricketers have tested positive for COVID-19, right before their England tour.

Patanjali Announces Medicine to Cure COVID-19

Founder of Patanjali Ayurved Baba Ramdev announced that Patanjali is launching Ayurvedic medicines Coronil & Swasari that can cure COVID-19 in 7 days.

DWWF Distribute Food to Deaf During Lockdown

Lucknow’s Deaf Women Welfare Foundation, DWWF, has distributed food to the Deaf individuals who were suffering during the COVID-19 lockdown.

Glenmark Launches Favipiravir Medicine For COVID-19

After receiving permission from Drugs Controller General of India (DCGI), Glenmark Pharmaceuticals launched the antiviral drug Favipiravir for the treatment of mild to moderate COVID-19 cases.

Amit Shah’s Plan to Manage COVID-19 in Delhi

Due to rising cases of COVID-19, Home Minister Amit Shah has issued measures to control the infection in Delhi. Watch our latest video to learn more.

Can People Wear Masks While Exercising?

Now that lockdown restrictions have eased in many parts of India, many people have started exercising. But if you are exercising should you wear a face mask? Watch our latest video to know more.

After Auto-Driver Kills Himself, Family Given Food

A 25-year-old auto driver in Shahpur, Patna killed himself on 13th June evening after failing to find a steady source of income or provide food for his family.

Pilot Accuses AirAsia of not Following Safety Rules

Gaurav Taneja, a fitness blogger and pilot, has accused Air Asia of flouting safety guidelines. Watch our latest video to learn more.

Deaf Jeweller Distributes Food to 55 in Siliguri

Ankit Agarwal, a Deaf businessman who owns a jewellery store in Siliguri, West Bengal in association with North Bengal Association of the Deaf (NBAD), distributed food to 55 Deaf individuals.

More Than 3 lakh COVID Cases in India

The total number of COVID-19 cases in India is now more than 3 lakh. Watch our latest video for all the details.

Are Delhi & Tamil Nadu Faking COVID Deaths?

The Delhi & Tamil Nadu government have been accused of covering up COVID death tolls in the region.

Parle-G Sales Highest in 80 Years

The iconic biscuit Parle-G achieved a unique milestone of selling the maximum number of biscuits during the lockdown. Watch our latest video for more details

Dr Faheem Tweets Facts About COVID-19

Dr. Faheem, Head of Infectious Disease from University of Maryland, USA Tweeted facts about COVID– 19, which have gone viral. Watch our latest video to learn more.

4 Die Due to Ebola Virus in Congo, Africa

The Democratic Republic of Congo (DMC) has confirmed that there has been a new outbreak of Ebola in Mbandaka, the capital of DMC.

Guidelines for Reopening Offices & General Guidelines

Watch our latest video to learn about the Central Government’s Guidelines for Reopening Offices, General Guidelines and Guidelines when there is a suspected COVID patient in your building.

BSCD & DWFB Contribute to CM Relief Fund in Bihar

Bihar’s Sports Council of the Deaf (BSCD) and the Deaf Women FOundation of Bihar (DWFB) have contributed a total of Rs 1,01,587 to the Bihar Chief Minister Relief Fund. Watch our latest video to learn

Guidelines for Reopening Restaurants & Hotels

Watch our latest video to learn about the guidelines issued by the Central Government for the re-opening of Restaurants & Hotels.

MDA Distributes Food to Poor in Ujjain

Mahakal Association of the Deaf (MDA) in Ujjain, Madhya Pradesh have supported the Deaf COmmunity by distributing essential food items during the lockdown.

Guidelines for Reopening Religious Places

After 70 days of lockdown in India, the central government had announced Unlock 1 in three phases. Watch our latest video to learn about the guidelines for reopening religious places.

Dawood Ibrahim Dead or Alive?

Rumours of underworld gangster Dawood Ibrahim’s death due to COVID-19 have shocked the country. Watch our latest video to learn more.

Tips to Work From Home

Working from home is not as simple and delightful as it may seem. Watch our latest Health & Lifestyle video for tips to be the most productive during the lockdown.

Weddings to follow Social Distancing

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, big fat Indian weddings, have gone through a drastic makeover. Watch our latest video to learn more.

Deaf Man Walks 240km from Mumbai to Ahmednagar

Beating all odds, in the scorching heat, a Deaf man walked covered 240 kms from Mumbai to Ahmednagar on foot. Watch our latest video to know all about it.

Contactless Entry at Hyderabad Airport

On National Technology Day, Rajiv Gandhi International Airport (RGIA) in Hyderabad announced an innovative digital solution as preparation for post lockdown. Watch our latest video to learn more.

India Sends Doctors to UAE

A team of 105 healthcare professionals from India landed in Abu Dhabi on 19th May on a mission to treat Covid-19 patients.

World Environment Day 2020

Today 5th June is World Environment Day. Watch our latest video highlighting this year’s theme “Celebrate Biodiversity”.

DWS Distribute Food During Lockdown 1.0, 2.0 & 4.0

Deaf Welfare Society, Gorakhpur (DWS) have helped the hearing and Deaf poor during the distressing lockdown. Watch our latest video for all the details.

ITST Help Poor During Cyclone Amphan Crisis

Inclusive Talents Society Trust (ITST) organised the Kolkata relief distribution drive on 24th and 26th May 2020. Watch our latest video, for all the details.

Nutritionist Shweta Shah's Tips to Protect Against COVID-19

Shweta Shah Senior Nutritionist and founder of Healing Lotus Wellness Clinic, has outlined preventive measures Acupuncture and Nutrition to protect against the COVID-19 outbreak. Watch the video to le

Indian Government Announced ‘Unlock1.0’ Guidelines

After 70 days of strict lockdown restrictions, the Central Government has relaxed rules in the country. Watch our latest video to learn more.

Ministry of Health Issues Advisory on Social Stigma

The COVID-19 pandemic has led to a spike in fake messages being circulated on social media, which is causing the stigmatisation of individuals and communities. In our latest ISH & You video, we explai

Asian Paints Increases Salaries of Employees During Lockdown

Amidst the crumbling economy, Asian Paints is one of the largest paint manufacturers in Asia has announced a salary raise to its employees for the year 2021. Watch our latest video for all the updates

Social Distancing Hats Chinese Schools

Life has slowly started to return to normal in some parts of China. Watch our latest video, to a Chinese school’s unique idea, to help students practise social distancing.

WHO Warns of ‘Second Peak’ of COVID-19

The World Health Organization said that countries, where coronavirus infections are decreasing, may face an "immediate second peak".

Schools to Reopen From July

The Indian government is planning to open schools and colleges from July with 30% attendance.

Family Leaves Deaf man in Hospital as Corona Patient

A 49-year-old Deaf man from Raipur has been abandoned by his family since they suspected him to be infected with COVID-19.

Boney Kapoor’s House Staff Test Positive for COVID -19

The domestic help Charan Sahu, aged 23, was living with Boney Kapoor and his family has tested positive for COVID-19.

2 Deaf Youth in Bihar Distribute Food to Poor

Two Deaf youngsters in Bihar decide to help 100 impoverished individuals in Bihar during the lockdown.

Violent Protests in Hong Kong

Amidst the COVID-19 outbreak, thousands of protesters have taken to the streets of Hong Kong to oppose the Chinese government's national security law.

PAD Distribute Food & Mask to 120 Individuals

Prayagraj Association of the Deaf, PAD, in Uttar Pradesh, has distributed food and masks to 12o individuals during the COVID-19 lockdown.

1,000 Companies May Exit China & Come to India

Due to COVID-19 outbreak and its origins in China, many foreign companies are planning to relocate productions to India.

GDSF Feed 55 People During Lockdown in Varanasi

In Varanasi, Uttar Pradesh’s Ganges Deaf Sports Foundation, GDSF has helped 55 individuals by distributing food and masks.

CAPF Sent to Mumbai Due to Rising Cases of COVID-19

Maharashtra government deploys 20 CAPF & CISF teams in Mumbai amidst the rising cases of COVID-19.

FM’s 4th Speech For Mining & Defence Sector

Finance Minister, Nirmala Sitharaman announced the fourth installment of the 20 lakh crore package to enable India to become a 'Self-Reliant Bharat'

Lockdown Extended Till 31st May

The Union Ministry of Home Affairs (MHA) announced the 4th lockdown, giving more power to the state governments.

France will Pay for Cycling Training

In light of the global COVID-19 pandemic, France has decided to encourage cycling inorder to help the environment.

FM Announces Relief for Migrant Workers & Farmers

Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman announced the second installment of the package, which focuses on migrant workers, small farmers, street vendors, and affordable housing.

SDAD Supports 40 Unemployed Deaf During Lockdown

Siwan District Association of the Deaf (SDAD), from Siwan, Bihar have helped 75 unemployed Deaf and hearing individuals during such unprecedented times.

Heavy Rain & Hailstorm in Delhi

A thick dust storm and heavy rains engulfed Delhi and its neighboring areas. Watch our latest video for all the coverage.

During Lockdown Crowd Gathers to Welcome Monk

Guidelines for social distancing went for a toss at a town in Madhya Pradesh's Sagar district on Monday as a crowd gathered to welcome a monk.

IFD Distribute Food to Deaf for Ramadan During Lockdown

The Interactive Foundation (IFD) for the Deaf has helped more than 500 families in India by distributing ration kits during the holy month of Ramadan.

Discharge Rules for COVID-19 Patients

Ministry of Health and Family Welfare announced a revised policy for the discharge of COVID – 19 patients. The policies depend on the type of symptom displayed.

FSWCD Supports Deaf For Ramadan During Lockdown

Kerala’s Friends Sports & Welfare Club of the Deaf (FSWCD) has distributed food, masks, sanitizers, etc to the Deaf to help them observe the Ramadan fasts and protect against COVID-19.

MDAD Helps Deaf in Malappuram During Lockdown

The Malappuram District Association of the Deaf (MDAD) distributed food to poor Deaf individuals in Kerala to help them make ends meet during the COVID-19 lockdown.

Amitabh Bachchan’s Message on COVID-19

ISH News brings to you the Indian Sign Language translation of Amitabh Bachchan’s message on COVID-19, under the initiative of UNICEF.

COVID Positive Doctor Booked for Travelling

A COVID-19 positive doctor in Bhuj, Gujarat has been booked for traveling from Mumbai without valid permits.

WHO Denies Report of Delayed COVID-19 Alert

A German news outlet, Der Spiegel’s report has claimed that China had urged WHO to delay issuing a global warning on the outbreak.

Surrogacy Babies Stuck Due to Lockdown

With the nationwide lockdown, which was necessitated to keep a check on the spread of coronavirus, babies born of surrogacy are stuck in Gujarat as their biological parents can't travel to take them h

Maharashtra Offers Free Treatment for COVID 19

Maharashtra health minister Rajesh Tope announced a 100 percent free treatment to COVID-19 patients under the Mahatma Jyotiba Phule Health Insurance Scheme.

Mumbai Prepares for the Worst

Mumbai is preparing for the worst and has started creating isolation beds across the city to accommodate future patients.

Modi Addresses NAM Summit

Since assuming office, Prime Minister Modi addressed the NAM summit for the first time.

People Crowd Outside Liquor shops

The Central government eased restrictions in the third phase of the lockdown and has permitted liquor shops to open.

Shramik Special Trains for Migrant Workers

The government has organised transport for migrant workers stuck across the country due to the lockdown. Watch our latest video to learn all about it.

Armed Forces Thank COVID Warriors

The military will conduct fly-pasts, IAF will shower petals on hospitals from air and the Navy will light up ships to thank COVID-19 warriors.

Spain Hosts ‘Balcony Cinema’ During Lockdown

In order to entertain the residents of Madrid during the lockdown, the Madrid City Council has launched an initiative called ‘Balcony Cinema’. Watch our latest video to learn all about it.

Coronavirus Vaccine May Be Ready by October

Serum Institute of India plans to start production of the COVID-19 vaccine and hopes to bring it to the market by October in India.

TCS To Work from Home Till 2025

India’s largest IT company TCS has decided to implement its work from home model up to 2025. Watch our latest video to learn all the details.

No decision on T20 World Cup Till August

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the T20 world cup has been shrouded in uncertainty.

DSD Distribute Food in Hyderabad During Lockdown

Hyderabad’s Development Society for the Deaf (DSD) has helped feed 3,500 poor people during the lockdown. Watch our latest video to know all about their noble deed.

New Zealand ‘Eliminates’ COVID-19

New Zealand has achieved its goal of "elimination" of the coronavirus as Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern said they have "won the battle" against community transmission.

Water & Biscuits Thrown at COVID-19 Patients in Agra

A quarantine facility is supposed to be a safe haven for coronavirus-infected patients, but one such place in Agra, Uttar Pradesh, has turned out to be nothing more than a disgrace. Watch our latest n

India Starts Testing Plasma Therapy to Treat COVID-19

India has started clinical trials for treatment against COVID-19. Watch our latest video for all the details.

Trump Suggests Injecting Disinfectant to Treat COVID-19

President Donald Trump has suggested the injection of disinfectant as a potential cure against COVID-19. Watch our latest video for all the details.

Complete Lockdown in 5 Tamil Nadu Cities

The lockdown announcement in Tamil Nadu has triggered panic buying among locals who flocked to the markets, resulting in huge crowds. Watch our video for all the details.

Assam Association of Deaf Raise Funds for COVID-19

Assam Association of the Deaf has done a fantastic job of contributing to fight against COVID-19. Watch our latest video to learn about their efforts.

ISL Translation of TV Actors Messages Against Coronavirus

The television fraternity has come together to spread a special message of positivity and social distancing. ISH News has translated this video into Indian Sign Language to provide accessibility to th

7-Year Jail For Attacking Doctors

The Central Government has proposed an amendment to the Epidemic Diseases Act, 1897 to protect healthcare workers against violent assaults.

Scientist Says COVID-19 Made in China

Luc Antoine Montagnier a Nobel Peace Prize winner has claimed COVID-19 to be a man-made virus leaked by China.

Uddhav Thackeray Allows Industries to Start Work

Uddhav Thackeray announced industries that are ready to provide accommodation to their workers during the lockdown will be allowed to function.

Deaf Feed Poor People During Lockdown in Hyderabad

The Mint Films of the Deaf (MFD) along with support from other organisations have worked to help the poor during the COVID-19 lockdown. Watch our latest video for all the details.

Vizag Deaf Community Donates Money For COVID-19

Visakha District Association of the Deaf (VDAD), have raised Rs 2,20,020 for the Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister Relief Fund.

Government Declares Zoom App Unsafe

The Ministry of Home Affairs has issued an advisory that Zoom video conference is not a safe platform. Watch our video for all the details.

WHO Issues Guidelines to End Lockdown

WHO said that the lockdowns around the world can be lifted if countries meet 6 prerequisite conditions.

Zomato Delivery Boy Infected with COVID-19

A 19-year-old Zomato food delivery agent has tested positive for coronavirus in Delhi.

What are Red, Orange & Green Zones?

The Union ministry of health and family has classified the country's districts in three zones - Red, Orange and Green based on the severity of the COVID-19 cases in their areas.

USA Stops Funds to WHO

The US President has halted the funds for WHO by accusing them of covering up the spread of the COVID-19 that emerged in China. Watch our latest video for all the details.

Migrant Workers Gather at Bandra Railway Station

Thousands of migrant workers gathered outside Bandra railway station demanding that they be sent home. Watch our latest news video for all the details.

India Lockdown extended till 3rd May

PM Modi addressed the nation and extended the lockdown till 3rd May. Watch our latest video for the highlights of Modi’s speech.

COVID-19 Rapid Test Kit Order Delayed

Due to the increase in COVID-19 cases, the ICMR has placed an order of 5 lakh Rapid Test Kits for screening of patients.

Indian Economy Suffers Rs 7-8 Lakh Loss

According to analysts, India has executed the world's largest lockdown which has costed the economy Rs 7-8 lakh in the last 21-days. Watch our latest video for all the details.

Woman Raped in COVID-19 Isolation Ward

In a shocking case in Gaya in Bihar, a woman admitted to the coronavirus isolation ward at a medical college, was sexually assaulted by a doctor for two days.

PM Modi & MPs Salary Reduced by 30%

The Union Cabinet has ordered to reduce the salaries of all Members of Parliament (MP), including Prime Minister Narendra Modi, by 30% for a year.

Haryana Doubles Salary of Medical Workers

To appreciate the hard work of healthcare workers, Haryana's Chief Minister Manohar Lal Khattar decided to give them double the salary till the time the pandemic lasts

CMs Request Modi to Extend Lockdown

PM Modi chaired a video conference with CMs of all states and Union Territories over the coronavirus outbreak.

Boy Sells Trophies & Donates to PM-CARES Fund

Sportspersons all over the world are working hard to raise funds and make donations to help contain COVID-19. Watch our latest video to learn about a young golfer’s ultimate sacrifice to help his coun

People Leave Wuhan After Lockdown Lifts

The Chinese government has lifted the lockdown in Wuhan after a reduction in COVID-19 cases. Watch our latest video for the entire coverage.

Japan Declares State of Emergency

Japan Prime Minister Shinzo Abe on Tuesday declared an emergency in Tokyo and 6 other parts of the country for a month due to the COVID-19 crisis.

Tigers Tests Positive for COVID-19

In a first, a tiger at the Bronx Zoo in New York has tested positive for COVID-19.

Uddhav Thackeray Gives Strong Warning

Maharashtra Chief Minister Uddhav Thackeray, issued a stern warning on spreading communal divisiveness message on social media platforms.

World Bank Gives India $1 Billion to Tackle COVID-19

The World Bank has directed emergency funds of $ 1.9 billion to 25 countries to help them battle the COVID-19 pandemic.

Railways Turn Coaches into Isolation Wards

The Indian Railways have now converted a train coach into a prototype isolation ward in New Delhi for patients of COVID-19. Watch our video for all the details.

COVID-19 Vaccine to be ready by 2021

American pharmaceutical company Johnson & Johnson has announced that after testing many vaccines for COVID-19, they have selected the lead vaccine candidate for the COVID-19. Watch our latest video to

Indian Businessmen Donate Crores for COVID-19

The Indian businessmen have come forward with massive donations to help the government battled the COVID-19 pandemic. Watch our video for all the details.

Doctor & Healthcare Workers Assaulted in India

Doctors & healthcare workers across India are being assaulted and mistreated due to the spread of COVID-19. Watch our latest video for all the details.

Domestic Flights Will Start After 14 April

Aviation minister Hardeep Singh Puri has said that, unless the current lockdown implemented to contain the COVID-19 virus, is further extended, airlines can take domestic bookings after 14 April.

India Identifies 10 COVID-19 Hotspots

To deal with COVID-19, the government has identified ten hotspots. Watch our latest news video for an in depth analyses.

Delhi’s Nizamuddin Area Quarantined Due to COVID-19

Over 300 people in Delhi's Nizamuddin area were taken to different hospitals to be tested for COVID-19.

Maharashtra Records Highest COVID-19 Cases

In the sharpest spurt since lockdown started, Maharashtra notched a staggering 302 Covid-19 positive cases with the highest number from Mumbai.

Indian Jails Release Prisoners Due to COVID-19

The coronavirus outbreak has pushed prisons across India to reduce crowding by releasing Inmates on bail or parole.

10,000 Dead in Italy Due to COVID-19

The number of dead due to COVID-19 in Italy has now crossed 10,000. Watch our latest video for all the latest COVID-19 updates.

WHO Shares 5 Tips to Stay Healthy

Prime Minister Narendra Modi addressed the country yesterday through his monthly radio programme Mann Ki Baat and apologised to the nation for all the hardships. Watch our latest video for all the hig

Modi Says Sorry For 21-Day Lockdown

Prime Minister Narendra Modi addressed the country yesterday through his monthly radio programme Mann Ki Baat and apologised to the nation for all the hardships. Watch our latest video for all the hig

Fake Hand Sanitisers & Masks Sold in Markets

The COVID-19 pandemic has led to companies hoarding inflating essential items such as masks and hand sanitisers.

Finance Minister Announces Rs 1.7 lakh crore For Poor

Amid the COVID-19 crisi and the nationwide lockdown, Union Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman addressed the media and announced an economic package of Rs. 1.7 lakh crore to help the poor and migrant

Beautiful Dolphins Spotted in Mumbai

Videos of Dolphins swimming near the Mumbai seashore that went viral, have stunned Mumbaikars.

RBI Announces 3-Month Moratorium on EMIs

RBI Governor Shaktikanta Das announced measures on Friday to fight the economic impact of lockdown to control the spread of the coronavirus pandemic.

Hantavirus Kills Man In China

A man who died on a bus inChina has tested positive for a virus more dangerous than COVID-19 that has very similar symptoms. Watch our video for all the details.

UK & Australia Order 6 Month Lockdown

In a bid to contain the COVID-19, the UK AND Australian government are preparing for a six month lockdown. Watch our latest video for all the details.

MACD & NDDPL Mumbai Cricket Tournament Postponed

Due to the COVID-19 outbreak, the MACD & NDDPL have decided to postpone their cricket tournament to ensure the safety of all the participants. Watch our latest Deaf Buzz video for all the details.

What is Open & Close During Lockdown?

Watch our latest videos to learn all about the exemptions and restrictions imposed during the 21-day lockdown to contain the Coronavirus.

Interpreters to Help Deaf During COVID-19 Crisis

We are very happy that interpreters across India have volunteered to help the Deaf individuals communicate with doctors, hospitals and other authorities during the COVID-19 crisis. Watch our video for

Why was Coronavirus changed to COVID-19?

Watch our latest video to clear all your confusions about the meaning between Coronavirus & COVID-19.

Indian States on Lockdown Due to Covid-19

In order to contain the spread of Coronavirus, the Central Government announced that, from 22nd March to 31st March many states and districts will be put on lockdown.

ISH News Works From Home Due to COVID-19

In view of the Coronavirus pandemic, the ISH News team has decided to work from home and continue broadcasting daily news and updates.