'Vaccine Bus' To Inoculate Vegetable Vendors In Kolkata

A bus was turned into a COVID-19 vaccination center, which will travel to different markets of Kolkata to vaccinate priority groups, including vegetable and fish sellers.

“Vaccination on wheels"  is a new idea launched by the Kolkata Municipal Corporation (KMC) on 3rd June  in cooperation with the Health and Transport departments. In this initiative, a bus was turned into a COVID-19 vaccination center. This bus will travel to different markets of Kolkata to vaccinate vegetable and fish sellers. These people cannot go for inoculation leaving their businesses for hours. An air-conditioned bus was provided by the Transport Department for vaccinating people at the different markets. The programme was inaugurated at Posta Bazaar by Minister Firhad Hakim. He said, "Since these people cannot go to a vaccination center leaving their business for several hours, we decided to bring the facility to their doorsteps," He also said that the number of buses used for the purpose will be increased soon. He said, "There are several buses available and using these, we can vaccinate the people at the markets itself.” 

Minister for Women and Child Development and Social Welfare Shashi Panja said that the Posta Bazaar Merchants' Association, transporters, and porters had written to her asking for vaccination of these people. She said, "I am happy that the vaccination on wheels program in the state was inaugurated from here.” Meanwhile, Kolkata launched its first drive-through vaccination center at a Quest mall for people above the age of 45.