2 Deaf Youth in Bihar Distribute Food to Poor

Two Deaf youngsters in Bihar decide to help 100 impoverished individuals in Bihar during the lockdown.

The lockdown in India has caused a lot of suffering to the poor. However there are some NGOs, doing great work distributing food to help the poor during such distressing times and giving them happiness. In Bihar, two Deaf youngsters have distributed food to 100 poor people. Isn't that amazing! They are not affiliated with any association or NGO. The two Deaf youngsters independently decided to support the poor.

Adarsh Singh Rajput is from Begusarai, Bihar and Akash Sultaniya is from Patna. Both of them decided to distribute food to the poor struggling due to the lockdown. They started contacting donors and raised Rs 5,000/- Since they weren't satisfied with the amount and did not find any other donors, both of them contributed Rs 5,000 each and now they had a total of Rs 15,000.

They weren't able to locate poor Deaf individuals but Akash informed Adarsh that in Patna there were many poor people close to his house. Since Adarsh could not travel to Patna, he told Akash to use the Rs 15,000 to purchase items like rice, dal, etc. After preparing the packages Akash along with a few individuals distribute food to 100 grateful poor people. They both decided to give Certificates of Appreciation to donors that had contributed to the Rs 5,000 fund.