Will Vaccine Work on New COVID Strain?

With the emergence of the new strain of Coronavirus, doubts have emerged about the efficacy of the new vaccine.

The new coronavirus variant has not only wreaked havoc in parts of England, but has created a sense of fear and panic all around the world. While the United Kingdom has imposed many restrictions in the country, other nations have secured their borders to contain the spread of the virus. According to the scientists in the United Kingdom, the new variant or the mutant virus, which has been named “VUI 202012/01”. It comprises a genetic mutation in the spike protein that could be the cause of immediate and easy spread of the virus amongst people. However nothing is confirmed yet. However, studies have suggested that the new COVID virus - in comparison to the old and original one - is more transmissible. Estimates have claimed up to 70% more transmissible than the old virus. Experts also fear that the new COVID strain can lead to more hospitalisations and deaths in the year 2021 as compared to the year 2020. Now the main question is whether the new vaccine will work against the new COVID virus. 

Oxford University & AstraZeneca in collaboration with Serum Institute India are working together on the COVID vaccine. AstraZeneca's Chief Executive, Pascal Soriot said, “Our vaccine should be effective against the new strain.” The UK government has ordered 100 million doses of the Oxford vaccine, with around 40 million expected to be available by the end of March. The UK Government is set to give approval to the vaccine by 31st December.