SDAD Supports 40 Unemployed Deaf During Lockdown

Siwan District Association of the Deaf (SDAD), from Siwan, Bihar have helped 75 unemployed Deaf and hearing individuals during such unprecedented times.

Siwan District Association of the Deaf (SDAD), is located in the Siwan area of Bihar. Their President is Arun Mishra and their General Secretary is Ashish Kumar Giri. SDAD's objective is to generate awareness among the Deaf and empower them. SDAD was founded in 2018. They were extremely disturbed by the 40 Deaf individuals who were unemployed in their area. 

The association saw that due to the lockdown and their unemployment, Deaf individuals were finding it difficult to make ends meet. SDAD Vice President Sanand Kumar Gupta, Joint Secretary Jitendra Tiwari, and their President discussed that the 40 unemployed Deaf individuals must be supported by distributing food to them.

They all agreed and contacted people for donations. They received Rs 3,000 - Rs 4,000 however this was not enough.

They required more money. They then decided to go to a neighboring town named Gopalganj which was 3-4 km away. Their Vice-President is Sharad Rai. He decided to contribute funds and this led to them having more than Rs. 11,000. They then ordered rice, dal, wheat, oil, etc.and they separated them into packages.

The packages were distributed to 40 Deaf people but while this was going on, many hearing individuals came to them and requested them for help. SDAD felt it was not right to discriminate between Deaf and Hearing, after all, we are all human. They decided to order more food and distributed packages to 35 poor hearing individuals.SDAD has done a very noble deed of supporting 75 Deaf and hearing individuals.