NBF Helps Deaf Community During Lockdown

Amidst the COVID-19 outbreak, Neyyattinkara Badhira Federation (NBF) in Kerala has helped support many struggling Deaf individuals.

In Kerala's Thiruvananthapuram there is a Taluka named Neyyattinkara where there is an association named Neyyattinkara Badhira Federation (NBF). It was founded in 2013 and registered in 2018. Their President is Prasanth PS and General Secretary is Rejin Mohan M. Heeba WR Chairperson of Neyyattinkara Municipality, told NBF that she has a space that can be used by NBF for a good cause.

NBF’s aim is to encourage Deaf Individuals in the society and provide awareness, sports, education, etc.NBF has helped out during the Kerala floods by providing donations. They even contributed to the Chief Minister's Distress Relief Fund in Kerala for the floods. They even contributed for the famous Onam festival as well. NBF has contributed to many such initiatives.

Due to the COVID-19 lockdown, many were suffering. NBF wanted to extend their support but Board members weren't able to meet each other due to strict lockdown rules imposed by the Kerala police, no one was allowed outside. The Board decided to help via video conferencing. Despite their financial problems, the Board members decided to contribute funds out of goodwill to help feed people. Members who were government employees who were earning well and others also contributed. The NBF Board kind heartedly did this to ensure those suffering had food to eat.

The funds were then handed to Alan P Das the Joint Secretary and Sateesh K who is Executive member to purchase essential food items and made them into packages. All the items were brought to NBF's space in Neyyattinkara. The Municipal Chairperson Heeba WR was invited to distribute food to a few Deaf individuals suffering in the area. Since there were a lot of packages remaining, they were distributed to 32 villages in Neyyattinkara through the representatives of the villages. All the Deaf individuals were very happy and praised NBF's good deed.