People Leave Wuhan After Lockdown Lifts

The Chinese government has lifted the lockdown in Wuhan after a reduction in COVID-19 cases. Watch our latest video for the entire coverage.

Wuhan was the place from where COVID-19 spread. The virus spread all over the world. Suddenly Wuhan was put on lockdown on January 23, with no one able to leave the city. This was done to contain the outbreak of Covid-19. People were not allowed to leave their houses, trains, flights and everything was shut. 11 million people in Wuhan were not allowed to get out of their houses. Now the Chinese government has finally lifted the lockdown as the cases of COVID-19 have reduced. 

The day the lockdown lifted 55,000 people left Wuhan by trains. 100 flights took off for the first time to cities such as Shanghai, Beijing, Shenzhen and Chengdu. There were also long queues of cars getting onto highways as roads reopened.A photo showing packed crowds at a Wuhan train station has gone viral. Now everyone is worried that the virus can spread again. Authorities are worried of people who are infected but not showing symptoms. If such people travel then it could spread the virus.