Hygiene Tips for COVID Dental Care

Dental hygiene is crucial during the COVID-19 pandemic as the mouth becomes a reservoir for germs. Watch our latest video to learn simple Tips to promote dental health.

Dental hygiene is very important during the COVID-19 pandemic as the mouth becomes a reservoir for germs. India Today news channel, had shared some tips given by Dentists, on how to keep your mouth clean and teeth strong. 

1. The most important step is to ensure that toothbrushes from the same family are not in the same container. This is because, After brushing, the toothbrush becomes a carrier of various germs & infections. This should be done regardless of the COVID pandemic. If placed in the same container with other brushes, they can lead to easy transmission of diseases and also COVID-19. If a person has COVID-19 but is asymptomatic and the brushes are kept together, it can lead to spread of the virus. 

2. Make sure you use a toothbrush cover. Always store your toothbrush with the head cover in an upright position. This helps faster drying and makes sure there is no spread of germs. 

3. Regularly wash your toothbrush container. After brushing your teeth make sure you wash it in warm water to kill all germs. Regularly disinfect brushes & tongue scraper with Povidone Iodine 0.2% or Hydrogen Peroxide diluted in water. 

4. You may be surprised that Dentists recommend not sharing the same toothpaste tube among family members. This is because when you put toothpaste on the toothbrush, the tube touches the surface of the brush. If all members of the family do this, there is a high risk of infection. 

5. Once a person tests positive for COVID-19, he is advised to throw away all his dental products like toothbrush, tongue scraper, floss, etc. The COVID patients dental products must be kept away from the family. Even family members of the COVID positive patients must discard their toothbrush & tongue scraper. Especially if they were all kept in the same container. Once the patient tests negative, all their toothbrushes and dental products must be changed. 

According to Dentists, the above points are really helpful to maintain oral hygiene for COVID patients and family members.