Thousand Enjoy Party in Wuhan with no Masks

While the entire world is struggling with the COVID-19 outbreak, China’s Wuhan has opened its water parks with thousands enjoying a music festival with no masks and social distancing.

The coronavirus first emerged in December last year in Wuhan which is located in China’s Hubei Province. In the Chinese city of Wuhan, thousands of partygoers went to a water park over the weekend. The lockdown was lifted in April and there are no new domestically transmitted cases officially reported in Hubei province since mid-May. After a 76-day lockdown and strict restrictions Wuhan gradually opened up. To try and boost the local economy the Hubei government is offering free entry to 400 tourist sites in the province.

The popular Wuhan Maya Beach Water Park reopened in June 2020. The water park was jam packed with people enjoying an electronic music festival in swimsuits and goggles. Many of them were seated on rubber dinghies or wading up to chest level in water. Local media said that the park has opened at a limit of 50 % only. It is also offering 50% discounts to females. There was a performer on the stage who waved to the packed crowd and the crowd waved back, while some clicked pictures in their phones protected with plastic pouches. Some of the crowd had worn life jackets, but none of the jam packed crowd was seen wearing face masks. China has largely brought its domestic epidemic under control, but sporadic outbreaks and severe flooding during the summer in China has had a bad effect on the economy.