DSD Distribute Food in Hyderabad During Lockdown

Hyderabad’s Development Society for the Deaf (DSD) has helped feed 3,500 poor people during the lockdown. Watch our latest video to know all about their noble deed.

Due to the current COVID-19 outbreak in India, the government announced a lockdown. This has led to the poor to make ends meet. However, the government has distributed food to them through the Ration systems and many NGOs have distributed food as well because feeding the poor is a priority. Hyderabad’s Development Society for the Deaf (DSD) founded in the year 1987 has distributed food to the poor. The Association has been working for the last 32 years. The Founder & President of DSD is V.V.S.L.K.M Prasad. 

Their aim is to advocate for jobs for Deaf individuals in the public and private sector, they help secure loans for Deaf entrepreneurs, entrepreneurs and they also give Rs 1.25 lakh to Hearing individuals who have married Deaf individuals. The DSD also gives mobiles to poor Deaf persons and they even advocate with the government and help provide houses to poor Deaf couples. Like this, the DSD is involved in many activities. 

The President saw that due to the COVID-19 outbreak many poor are starving and decided to cook and distribute wholesome food to 5 cities of Hyderabad. Food was distributed to 3,500 poor people.

12 packages of rice each weighing 25kg, was distributed in various poor Deaf households. They did this to support the poor and help eliminate COVID-19. We applaud their efforts.