DWWF Distribute Food to Deaf During Lockdown

Lucknow’s Deaf Women Welfare Foundation, DWWF, has distributed food to the Deaf individuals who were suffering during the COVID-19 lockdown.

In Uttar Pradesh's Lucknow, there is an association named Deaf Women Welfare Foundation, DWWF. Their President is Mrs Madhuri Halwasiya and General Secretary is Mrs Mini Gopal. DWWF was founded in 2014 and has been working ever since. Their objective is to help women who are suffering from oppression, divorce, domestic abuse, etc. and solve such problems to encourage development. Till now DWWF has attended many programmes in UP at places such as Varanasi and Lucknow where they have conducted training on Women's Day about health & karate. Also in Varanasi a matrimonial meet was also organised. 5 couples met at this event, which led to their successful marriages. All thanks to DWWF. In Agra, they had organised a law lecture as well.

Do you remember, in 2019 December, Odisha organised the 5th National Culture festival for Deaf women.

Many had gathered from across India and even women from UP attended and participated in the mime, dance and many other competitions which they won. DCS held cricket tournaments and DWWF participated in them. Mrs Madhuri Halwasiya had given UP sportspersons jackets as well.

Mrs Madhuri Halwasiya was also working with the FICCI, who had supported a pageant ramp walk for the Deaf and hearing on 4th March. This was published in the newspaper as well. Have a look. DWWF has organised many programmes such as cricket matches, pageant shows, etc. They were going to host another event but due to the COVID lockdown, everything was stopped. Mrs Halwasiya told Mrs Gopal to let her know if people are starving and suffering due to the lockdown.Mrs Mini Gopal along with an interpreter broadcasted a video. She then compiled a list of Deaf individuals who are suffering and showed it to Mrs Halwasiya. Mrs Halwasiya agreed to distribute food to them.

Mrs Gopal was not able to purchase & distribute the items due to the lockdown. Mrs Halwasiya told her not to worry and contacted the police for help to purchase items and distribute food to the homes of Deaf individuals.

Deaf individuals were very grateful to the DWWF.