Man Living in Cave for 20 Years Gets Covid Vaccine

A man who has been living in a cave since 20 years, immediately after hearing about the coronavirus, got himself vaccinated.

70 year old Panta Petrovic, has been living in a cave atop the Stara Planina mountains in southern Serbia for 20 years. Earlier Panta lived in a city named Pirot in Serbia but he decided to leave everything to live alone. Panta said, "I was not free in the city. There is always someone in your way - you either argue with your wife, neighbours, or the police. Here, nobody is harassing me."Before leaving Pirot, he donated all his money to the community by funding the construction of three small bridges in the town. He said, "Money is cursed, it spoils people. I think nothing can corrupt a human like money." Panta left the city to live in a cave on a mountain. He looks for leftover food in dustbins, goes fishing and eats mostly mushrooms. Some people who know about him give him food as donations.Inside the cave, he has an old rusty bathtub which he uses as a toilet, and a stack of hay which he sleeps on.

Panta did not know anything about the Coronavirus pandemic. One day he went to a supermarket when he came to know about the Coronavirus. When Petrovic got to know about the pandemic, he quickly got himself vaccinated. He said, “The virus can infect anyone. It can infect me also. I did not want to risk it so I took the vaccine. I don’t understand people who do not want to take the vaccine. Whatever vaccines are there I will take so I can be safe.” Isn’t it cool that a man who has been living in a cave completely cut off from society understands the importance of vaccines.