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Actor Sudha Chandran Asked to Remove Prosthetic Leg

Recently, the Ministry of Civil Aviation has issued draft guidelines to make flight travel more disabled friendly.

Night of the Dead

Monsters of the night come alive this Halloween and demand accessibility for the Deaf to make the world a more inclusive space for all! So come on watch our video and be ready to be spooked out of you

ISH Wins NCPEDP - Mphasis Universal Design Award

ISH news has recently won an award at NCPEDP – Mphasis Universal Design Awards. This is because of our commitment to provide accessibility for all.

ISL Translation of TV Actors Messages Against Coronavirus

The television fraternity has come together to spread a special message of positivity and social distancing. ISH News has translated this video into Indian Sign Language to provide accessibility to th

Interpreters to Help Deaf During COVID-19 Crisis

We are very happy that interpreters across India have volunteered to help the Deaf individuals communicate with doctors, hospitals and other authorities during the COVID-19 crisis. Watch our video for

DAM Successfully Hosts 2nd Year Anniversary Programme

Deaf Association of Mumbai (DAM) successfully organised the second Annual Seminar on Inclusion & Accessibility of the Deaf in Mumbai.

BMB Hosts Accessibility Programme For Deaf & Families

Badhir Mandal Bhavnagar is hosting their first programme on 2nd February 2020. Watch the video for all the information

DAM Hosts 2nd Inclusion & Accessibility Seminar

Deaf Association of Mumbai, is organising the second Annual Seminar on Inclusion & Accessibility of the Deaf. Watch the video for all the details

Indore Launches Helpdesk at Airport to Help Deaf

Indore airport have set up ‘May I Help You’ counters at the airport to help Deaf passengers. Watch the video for all the details.

IFD Hosts Islamic Deaf Conference in Hyderabad

IFD hosted a Deaf conference in Hyderabad which focuses on providing accessibility to Deaf Muslims. Watch the video to learn more.

Odisha Police Appoint Interpreters for Deaf Victims

The Odisha Police have decided to appoint Sign Language interpreters at all Odisha Police stations with a view to provide accessibility to Deaf victims.

Subtitles & Sign Language Translation Now Compulsory

Union Minister Prakash Javadekar has now made it compulsory for TV channels to provide accessibility in the form of Subtitles & Sign Language translation.

Interview with Leaders at DAM Conference

Deaf Association Mumbai (DAM) had organised their 1st Seminar on Inclusion and Accessibility for the Deaf on 7th April 2019. ISH News conducted detailed interviews with each of the guests and spoke to

National Deaf Islamic Leadership Development Workshop

Interactive Foundation for Deaf (IFD) was set up in 2016 in Malappuram, Kerala. Their main aim is to fight for accessibility. They organised a workshop 1st, 2nd and 3rd March 2019, in Indore, Madhya P

1st Seminar on Inclusion & Accessibility for the Deaf

Deaf Association Mumbai (DAM) has organised the first 1st Seminar on Inclusion & Accessibility for the Deaf. Many prominent personalities have been invited by them to give lectures at the seminar. We

Announcement of ISH News

When Mansi Shah expressed her concerns of the difficulties the deaf faced in India due to accessibility, Aqil Chinoy reveals the perfect solution and that is when ISH News is announced.