Family Leaves Deaf man in Hospital as Corona Patient

A 49-year-old Deaf man from Raipur has been abandoned by his family since they suspected him to be infected with COVID-19.

A 49-year-old deaf man was brought to AIIMS- Raipur, Chhattisgarh by his family on 29th March 2020. They forced the doctors to test the Deaf man for Covid-19. They insisted that the deaf had shown symptoms of the disease at home. During this time, doctors have to admit and test anyone who has doubts about having coronavirus infection. The Deaf man appeared to be very weak, so AIIMS-Raipur kept him in isolation and tested him for the virus. They got the result the same day and it was negative.  

The hospital staff tried to inform his family. But his family members had disappeared and there was no communication with them. The address that they gave to the hospital is fake and the phone not in service. AIIMS staff is taking care of him in this pandemic. The authorities are trying to locate his family with the help of the police.

AIIMS deputy director Neeresh Sharma said, “It is very unfortunate that some people have abandoned their family members here. The family is untraceable. We have shifted the man to the general medicine ward. He is being cared for by medical staff. They are feeding him and assisting him in standing.”