Mountaineers Cycle 750km to Spread Awareness

Mountaineers Satyarup Siddhanta and Rudrapasrad Haldar will cycle 750 km to and fro to educate rural people about the Coronavirus.

Mountaineers Satyarup Siddhanta and Rudrapasrad Haldar together scaled Everest in 2016. In a bid to educate rural people about COVID-19 and its prevention protocols, the two mountaineers have undertaken a cycle journey to Ayodhya Hills in West Bengal. The two of them were along with their colleagues Soumyadeep Mandal and Avik Mandal, two rock climbers. The four will cover a distance of 750 km to and fro, to educate citizens in the districts on the responsibilities they have to take to contain the spread of COVID-19. They said they were doing this because earlier there were no cases in villages. But now people are not being careful and now covid infections in villages are rising. On Saturday, September 27, the team's first stop was at Lodhashol, where they stopped and a crowded local market place, where no one was wearing masks. Why none of you are wearing masks? Maybe you have strong immunity because of the kind of physical labor you endure every day. But what if you are an asymptomatic carrier and you have elderly members in the family? Please make it a habit to wear a mask in public places," S Siddhanta urged the public.