BDDSIA Distributes Food to Deaf During Lockdown

BDDSIA help Deaf Community by distributing food and supplies in Karnataka. Watch our latest video to know more.

In Karnataka's Ballari, there is an association named Ballari District Deaf and Speech Impaired Association (BDDSIA). They were recently founded on 16th January 2020 and have secured registration as well. BDDSIA's President is Parashuram H R and General Secretary is Venkata Ayappa K H. BDDSIA's objective is to encourage education, sports, awareness etc. among the Deaf in the society. Their aim is to help Deaf individuals who are suffering. Many Deaf individuals who were struggling approached BDDSIA and asked for help & food. BDDSIA's Joint Secretary Ajith G along with executive member Muktharaj Ubhale purchased rice, lentils, oil and a variety of essential foods. With Ujeta’s help, the drove to Hosapete on 22nd May 2020 and distributed food to 30 Deaf people

The General Secretary then approached a Deaf man named Lambani and another Deaf man and asked if they would help distribute food. The two Deaf men agreed and on 24th May they went to Hagaribommanahalli and distributed food to 7 Deaf individuals who were struggling. They then went to Harapanahalli on 26th May 2020 and distributed food to 7 Deaf persons. Then in Ballari, food was distributed to 20 Deaf who were struggling. It was organised by Joint Secretary Ajith G, Executive Member Muktharaj Ubhale and 4 other Deaf persons. They distributed food to 20 Deaf individuals in Ballari.

From Gangavathi, A Deaf man named Yallayya approached BDDSIA for help, as 30 Deaf individuals were struggling in the area. With BDDSIA’s help Yallayya, on 28th May 2020, distributed food packages to the 30 Deaf individuals.Two Deaf individuals Faizal Pasta & Guru Prasad approached BDDSIA's for help in the Mandya District. BDDSIA donated funds. Both of them purchased items and formed packages. Faizal, Guru and two other Deaf persons, went to remote areas of the Mandya district, and distributed food packages to 20 struggling Deaf individuals.

BDDSIA saw police offices struggling in the hot sun to manage the COVID-19 outbreak. They saw many beggars suffering on the road. Since there were many such cases, they gathered volunteers and Hearing cooks. Both worked together to prepare food and made 250 food packages. They distributed the food to police officers, beggars on the street, and also gave food to people in religious places such temples, mosques, churches, etc. Once all the food was distributed, they were left with Rs 3,000/- After a lot of deliberation, they decided to donate the money to Karnataka's Chief Minister's fund.