Meet the Volunteer for COVID Vaccine

Meet the first person to volunteer for the latest Coronavirus vaccine COVAXIN.

When the entire country was in lockdown, a 26-year-old boy, Ranbir Hooda, an engineer, decided to leave his village and work for an NGO in Rohtak where he helped to serve food to the poor. Ranbir said, “ I went to every corner of Rohtak for two months along with other volunteers and distributed food to the poor.” Now Ranbir was the first person on whom the COVID vaccine named COVAXIN was tested. He was given the vaccine by the PostGraduate Institute of Medical Sciences (PGIMS Rohtak).First a blood and Urine test was performed and then Ranbir was declared fit for the trials. Then a 5mg dose of COVAXIN was injected into his shoulder. Ranbir said, “After giving the vaccine, doctors kept him under observation for sometime. When I did not feel any change in my body doctors allowed me to go home. Doctors call me twice a day to check my health. I am living my life normally. There are no changes to my lifestyle.”

When asked what motivated him to volunteer for the vaccine trials Ranbir said: 

I wanted to join the army but I did not qualify so I decided to do social service. When I heard PGIMS Rohtak needed volunteers for the vaccine, I immediately contacted the doctors. I signed a 3-page which said that if any side-effects occurred, I would be given the best treatment.I am doing this for my country. Like soldiers are fighting at the border without caring for themselves, I feel I am doing the same.” Ranbir will be given the second dose of COVAXIN on 31st July.