10,000 Dead in Italy Due to COVID-19

The number of dead due to COVID-19 in Italy has now crossed 10,000. Watch our latest video for all the latest COVID-19 updates.

The number of dead due to COVID-19 in Italy has now crossed 10,000. The CFB, a funeral authority in Italy said that, seeing the pictures of a coronavirus victim in Italy will make you cry. A whole generation is wiped out.Since Italy is on lockdown, funerals are banned.Families are not able to see the dead members. They are mourning alone at home.Some infected people are dying at home. Their bodies are taken after many hours.

Bergamo is the worst affected place in Italy. In Bergamo, Ambulance and funeral company phones are always busy as many people are calling them.

 Antonio Ricciardi, President of CFB said that in a normal month they bury 120 bodies. But since 1st March they have buried more than 600 bodies. He also said that coffins are less. There is risk of funeral workers getting affected. Because of this there are many bodies pending to be buried.He said, families are not able to see their loved ones and properly bury them. This is a big problem psychologically.  

 In some families, the family member who is alive is also sick with corona virus. Hospitals are following strict rules. They have to keep dead in coffins immediately in whatever clothes they are wearing. This is to stop the spread to alive people.In Bergamo’s local newspaper on 13th March there were 10 pages informing about the dead.  Editor of the newspaper said that it is an emotional trauma (stress). People are dying alone without their family members around.