India Identifies 10 COVID-19 Hotspots

To deal with COVID-19, the government has identified ten hotspots. Watch our latest news video for an in depth analyses.

The total number of cases on the day the lockdown was announced was 519. By the end of March 31, the number had almost tripled. This, however, does not mean that lockdown is a failure. It indicates that without lockdown, the coronavirus outbreak would have been much worse. To deal with COVID-19, the government has identified ten hotspots. 

What is a Hotspot? They are places where the coronavirus is spread fast and infecting people. In these places, there are groups of more than 10 people that are infected. Sometimes these infections spread only in one locality. But sometimes these infections can spread throughout a city. 

For example, New York is a hotspot meaning the virus has spread all over New York city. 

Even Mumbai is a hotspot.Such hotspots have been identified in India as well. Noida, Meerut, Bhilwara, Ahmedabad, Kasaragod, Pathanamthitta, Mumbai and Pune. Delhi’s Nizamuddin area and Dilshad Garden are the biggest hotspots because the infection has spread very quickly. From these places the infection has spread to other states in India as well. 

Joint Secretary, Ministry of Health, Luv Aggarwal, "We are studying the emerging hotspots. We will follow rigorous surveillance and containment measures in these places."