Chewing Gum May Help Protect Against COVID & Omicron

Scientists have come up with a unique idea to control the transmission of COVID-19. To know more check out our video.

In the past two years, the pharma companies have been competing with each other to create vaccine and preventive medicines for Covid-19. From a plethora of masks, sanitisers, vaccines and nasal sprays that prevent the infection at the entry point, we’ve seen it all. Or so we thought. Researchers at the University of Pennsylvania have now developed a chewing gum, which they say can prevent the COVID-19 infection. Yes, chewing gum may now be able to protect you! Do you want to know how it works? You all know that the Coronavirus enters the human body through nose and mouth cavities, by inhaling or swallowing saliva, which is expelled from an infected individual while sneezing, coughing or speaking. Now when you chew this gum, it will help to block the virus in the saliva and protect your body from infection. 

This research was led by Dr Henry Daniell of Indian-origin who works at the University of Pennsylvania. The next step is to get permission for clinical trials, and once it is proven that the gum is safe and effective, it could be given to individuals whose infection status is unknown. The vaccinations have helped control the spread of infection, but the transmission hasn’t been stamped out. With the highly-transmittable variant Omicron on the prowl, the challenge of controlling the spread is huge. Especially, when even fully vaccinated people are getting re-infected. By trapping the virus in the gum and controlling transmission Dr Daniell and the team could further change the course of Covid-19 for the better.