COVID+ Man Wears Burqa To Board Flight

An Indonesian man has been arrested for boarding a flight disguised as his wife in a ‘Burqa’, despite testing positive for Covid-19.

Currently in Indonesia the number of Coronavirus infections are increasing rapidly. Per day there are 50,000 cases in the country. Also there are many cases of Delta Variant infection. This is why the government has imposed strict travel restrictions within the country. However a very strange incident has occured. Let me tell you about it. An Indonesian man living in Jakarta had tested positive for the Coronavirus. His full name is not known. He is only known by his initials ‘DW’. He wanted to fly to Ternate but knew that because he was infected he would not be allowed to travel. However he was desperate to travel. 

So he came up with a very unique solution. The Man’s wife had tested negative for the coronavirus. So he took his wife’s passport, her negative COVID-19 report, and wore a black Burqa which was covered from head to toe and only his eyes were visible. He went to the airport dressed like this with all his wife’s documents. Surprisingly, no one at the Jakarta airport caught him. They even allowed him to board the flight. Once the flight took off, he went to the washroom wearing the Burqa. The airhostess saw him enter but when he came out of the washroom, he had removed the Burqa. The airhostess was shocked to see this. She immediately confronted him and realised that he had pretended to be a woman. She notified airport authorities in Ternate, and "DW" was arrested when the flight landed. On landing he was tested at the Ternate airport where he tested positive. Officials said he will be quarantined. Once he recovers a case will be filed against the man and he will be given strict punishment.