North Korea Confirms 1st Covid-19 Case After 2.5 Years

On Thursday, 11th of May North Korea announced its first-ever coronavirus case. According to the Korean Central News Agency- Watch full story

The world has entered the third year of the Covid-19 Pandemic and most of the countries have now declared it as the end of the deadly virus. North Korea had previously claimed a perfect record in keeping out COVID-19 out of the country, However this claim was widely doubted by outside experts, but according to WHO North Korea has conducted 13,259 covid tests all of which had turned out to be negative. It is also believed that North korea has not administered a single dose of covid-19 vaccine to any of its 25 million citizens so far. North Korea also earlier denied offers from Russia, China & UN to import the covid-19 vaccines to vaccinate its citizens against the pandemic. To keep the virus from entering its territory, North Korea had kept its borders closed  to nearly all trade and visitors for two years. But recently on Thursday 11th of May the country has now announced its first-ever coronavirus case. The person was infected with the Omicron virus. 


North Korean leader Kim Jong Un has called for raising COVID-19 preventive measures to maximum levels. He asked officials to stop transmissions. However, Kim ordered officials not to stop the scheduled construction, agricultural development and other state projects while keeping the country’s defense system completely active to avoid any security threat.