Deaf Feed Poor People During Lockdown in Hyderabad

The Mint Films of the Deaf (MFD) along with support from other organisations have worked to help the poor during the COVID-19 lockdown. Watch our latest video for all the details.

COVID-19 has spread all over India and the government issued a lockdown to control the spread. Due to this many poor people have lost jobs and do not have money to eat. 

This is why Abdul Ashwaq, Founder & Director of MFD (Mint FIlms of the Deaf) came up with an idea with the support of the Deaf community to help poor people. MFD was supported by Angeline Jelec from Germany, Muslim Deaf UK and Vivek Mehta, CEO of Deafeasy for this innitiative. 

MFD provided food which was cooked in a neat and clean manner. Everyone wore masks while cooking and packing the food.Each person was given a bag in which there was a box of rice biryani, sanitiser, mask, banana and water bottle. 500 such bags were given to the poor.  

MFD’s aim is to help fight COVID-19 and reduce problems in India. We are very proud to see the Deaf community in India helping poor people and fighting COVID-19.