IDS Supports Deaf Individuals in Mumbai During Lockdown

India Society Deaf (IDS) helped out 40 Deaf individuals who were struggling to make ends meet during the COVID-19 outbreak.

In Mumbai, Maharashtra there is an association named India Society Deaf (IDS). They were founded on 14th October 1956 and secured registration on 30th June 1958. Mr. Vasant H Rajwadkar was the first founder and Trustee of IDS. IDS have been affiliated with AIFD. IDS aims to create awareness and encourage the Deaf in the society in education, sports, dance, etc. IDS President Pradeepkumar Patel and Chetan Motiwale are currently General Secretary of IDS. SLAD lobbies against the Government to ensure the Deaf receive accessibility, education, Sign Language and various other rights. IDS society has supported SLAD by providing funds to pay for protests, venues and they both have a strong relationship. Now due to lockdown imposed in India and many Deaf people are suffering due to unemployment and low incomes. IDS wanted to help the Deaf in Mumbai by distributing food.

Chetan approached Pradeepkumar and proposed to support Deaf individuals by requesting the Board to contribute funds. Pradeepkumar approved the initiative. Board members as well other members made donations. MADCADM a cricket association's president Sanjit Sangvakar also decided to support IDS. Once all the donations were collected, essential food items were purchased and made into packages. On 27th June 2020 in Mumbai, 40 Deaf individuals were gathered and the food packages were distributed.

440 Deaf individuals who were struggling were very happy about receiving the packages. SImilarly, even IDS were extremely happy and proud to help out their fellow Deaf individuals like them. Their aim is to eliminate COVID-19 and we applaud their noble initiative.