MDA Distributes Food to Poor in Ujjain

Mahakal Association of the Deaf (MDA) in Ujjain, Madhya Pradesh have supported the Deaf COmmunity by distributing essential food items during the lockdown.

In Madhya Pradesh's Ujjain, there is an association named Mahakal Association of the Deaf (MDA). It was founded on 3rd January 2018. Their President is Hemant Dagre and the General Secretary is Faizan Khan. Due to Modi's continuous extension of the lockdown, people were struggling due to unemployment & starvation. The Deaf community in Ujjain approached Faizan Khan at the MDA for food and support.

Faizan then  approached the President Hemant Dagre. They had a discussion and both agreed to support the struggling Deaf community. Dagre said they had only Rs 5,000 which were not sufficient. Then the MDA Board contributed funds and various members contributed as well. They collected Rs 7,000/- and now they had a total of Rs 12,000/- There were many Red Zones in Ujjain due to which travel was difficult. They waited. Then on 1st June 2020 the government ordered the relaxation of the lockdown.

GS Faizan then contacted the Board members and volunteers. They met on 2nd June 2020 and purchased food items such as rice, wheat flour, onion, oil, etc. Each package weighed 7kg. Once that was done, on the next day 3rd June, they distributed food to people living 2 km away. We applaud MDA and their volunteers for supporting Deaf individuals.