New COVID Strain & their Symptoms

The emergence of the mutant strain of Covid in the country, has led to newer symptoms among the citizens. Watch our latest video to learn more.

With each passing day, the COVID-19 situation in India is worsening by recording a massive spike in the positive cases. The situation this time has turned worse than last year due to the emergence of the mutant strain of Covid in the country. The common symptoms of the Coronavirus were: 

  1. Fever 

  2. Dry & Persistent cough

  3. Sore Throat

  4. Pain in Muscles 

  5. Loss of Smell & Taste 

However because of the new strains of coronavirus, people are experiencing new symptoms. These are: 

  1. Conjuntivitis 

  2. Headache 

  3. Rashes 

  4. Upset stomach or Diarrhea 

  5. Discoloration of fingers & toes 

If you experience any of these symptoms immediately stay away from your family and contact your doctor to get tested. Many people when they experience such symptoms are testing negative. However doctors are advising that if you test negative and continue experiencing symptoms it is safer to isolate yourself from family to avoid spreading the sickness. Currently wearing masks, sanitising, social distancing & vaccination is the only way to control the spread of infection.