After ‘Black Fungus’ Doctors Warn About ‘Bone Death’

Doctors have observed a few cases of avascular necrosis (AVN), also commonly known as bone death amongst patients who have recovered from coronavirus.

In the 2nd wave of the coronavirus many people were infected with COVID-19. Also many people are having a hard time recovering from COVID-19. COVID survivors are experiencing Black Fungus, new diabetes, blood clots, heart, respiratory and lung complications. This has become common across India. However now doctors say a covid survivors are experiencing a new problem called ‘Bone Death’. 

The scientific name is Avascular necrosis but is also referred to as Bone Death. Bone death can happen to any bone in the body. But it mostly affects the hip bone or the Femur bone. In this the bone receives very less blood supply. Because of this the bone begins to rot and die. The bone becomes very weak and breaks as well. Although the early stages of the disease are largely symptom-free, there could be severe pain and problems when weight is put on the affected joint or a person participates in activities that require frequent mobility and physical activity. Doctors have advised COVID-19 patients who suffer from hip or thigh pain to get an MRI done and consult a doctor for prompt diagnosis.