Scottish Politicians Blames Gay Marriage For COVID Pandemic

A Scottish politician has sparked outrage after claiming that the coronavirus pandemic has been caused due to gay marriages.

Scottish politician Peter Tait from Shetland, Scotland has said that the COVID-19 pandemic was caused due to same sex marriages. People were very shocked by what he said and many people posted messages against him on social media. He said this shocking statement during an interview with the local newspaper Shetland Times. Tait said he feels COVID was caused because of gay marriages, because of his ownChristian beliefs. Tait said he is strongly against Gay marriage if he wins the future elections in scotland, he will make Gay marriage illegal. Kerrie Myers, the founder of said that “Tait is clearly an idiot” and anybody will know that what he is saying is absolute nonsense. She said Tait wants to encourage people to hate Gay people. She said this is against the laws of Scotland. This is not the first time that gay marriages have been blamed for the COVID-19 pandemic. Last March, Patriarch Filaret, who is the head of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church, also said that COVID spread because of same sex marriages. People were very angry at him as well. But Later in September, he tested positive for the virus.