UK & Australia Order 6 Month Lockdown

In a bid to contain the COVID-19, the UK AND Australian government are preparing for a six month lockdown. Watch our latest video for all the details.

UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson announced the United Kingdom will go on a national lockdown that could last for 6 months. The ban, in the beginning will be for 3 weeks. But it will most likely extend till May or June. Officials are being told to prepare for a 6 month lockdown. 


Any person who refuses to follow the lockdown rules, will be fined, The fines start from £30 to £1,000 l. Under the new rules, British people will be banned from leaving their house unless it is for essential activities. These essential activities include shopping for important items, one exercise a day alone or with a family member, medical issues. 


Such a decision had to be made because many British people were ignoring rules and continued to go out. A similar lockdown has been implemented in many countries across the world. 

Even Australia is preparing for a 6-month lockdown inorder to contain the virus.