Will COVID-19 Pandemic End in 6 Months?

Scientists say that the current COVID-19 pandemic will not end in the next few months. Watch our latest video to learn more.

If you are hoping that COVID-19 pandemic would end in the next three to six months, then there is some bad news for you as experts are of the view that the coronavirus outbreak will remain for more than six months. According to experts, almost everyone will be either infected or vaccinated before the end of the coronavirus outbreak. There will be some people who will test COVID-19 positive more than once. It is to be noted that there are billions of people who are yet to receive COVID jabs and it is nearly impossible to completely remove the virus. This means there is a good chance of more spread of infections in schools, on public transport and in workplaces in the coming weeks. Some researchers claim that the coronavirus would become resistant to vaccines. A Japanese study suggests there have been many new dangerous strains of COVID-19 around the world and they may be immune to the vaccine. 

Scientists hope it is not true because if this really happens then they will have to work again to find new vaccines for the new strains. 

So How Will Covid End?

What seems clear is that the pandemic will not be over in six months. The spread of infection will only stop when 90%-95% of the global population has become immune to the coronavirus after getting infected. They say vaccines are the only way to control the spread of infection and if infected it will help reduce its severity.