DWS Distribute Food During Lockdown 1.0, 2.0 & 4.0

Deaf Welfare Society, Gorakhpur (DWS) have helped the hearing and Deaf poor during the distressing lockdown. Watch our latest video for all the details.

In Uttar Pradesh's Gorakhpur area, there is an association named Deaf Welfare Society, DWS, which was founded in July 2018. Their President is Pankaj Gupta and Sarvat Kamal is the General Secretary. The DWS have carried out many many charitable initiatives. They taught a group of hearing individuals ISL for two days, as well taught ISL to hearing parents with Deaf children. Deaf individuals face many problems such asDWS has had the experience in helping out with such issues such as divorce, acid attacks, unemployment, etc. in the Deaf community. When the lockdown was first ordered in India, many hearing individuals were starving and facing many problems. Many NGOs were helping the society and the disabled. When DWS saw hearing people doing this, they thought even Deaf must do the same.The Board then discussed and the members contributed. DWS Treasurer Abhishek Gupta and Vikas Gupta, an executive member, planned and made purchases. Rice biryani and 150 water bottles were packaged in boxes and distributed to hearing poor people.

DWS was very happy to have helped during Lockdown 1.0. However, they saw that NGOs continued to help those suffering in Lockdown 2.0. This is why the DWS board members decided to contribute again for Lockdown 2.0. The Board members contacted their friends for funds. Pankaj Gupta - the president - contacted his Deaf classmates in Varanasi for funds. They even collected funds from many members and non-members in Gorakhpur. The funds were handed over to Abhishek Gupta who purchased items like rice, dal, oil, salt, etc.

These were made into 100 packages and even biscuits were included for children. Abhishek Gupta, Vikas Gupta and another executive member Amit Gupta helped plan the initiative. Sarvat Kamal agreed and broadcasted a video. But no Deaf person responded for the food packages. 3 videos were broadcasted but there was no response. Since the 100 food packages would go waste, they distributed it to hearing poor people. The 3 Deaf individuals as stated before, helped to distribute the packages to the hearing poor people. Luckily they found 1 Deaf person and handed over the package.

DWS charitable initiative images during the lockdown had gone viral on Facebook. Some Deaf individuals who were struggling, contacted DWS for help. The President and the General Secretary discussed and agreed to support 20 Deaf individuals in total. Since Eid was drawing near in May, Sarvat Kamal proposed

to include maggi noodles and cash in the packages. They purchased items such as oil, rice, dal, masala,etc.

A total of 12kg items were distributed in 20 packages. Sumer Prasad is a Deaf auto driver and a member of DWS, helped the President and GS to distribute food in different places, in his auto.