BSCD & DWFB Contribute to CM Relief Fund in Bihar

Bihar’s Sports Council of the Deaf (BSCD) and the Deaf Women FOundation of Bihar (DWFB) have contributed a total of Rs 1,01,587 to the Bihar Chief Minister Relief Fund. Watch our latest video to learn

In Bihar's Patna, BSCD is the only sports association in Bihar. Girijesh Kr. Choudhary is the President and Chandan Kr. Gupta is the General Secretary. He is also the Executive member of AISCD. BSCD saw people with disabilities struggling with unemployment, starvation, etc. They decided to support the Chief Minister's Relief Fund of Bihar. They collected funds from BSCD's affiliations with 29 districts. They collected a total of Rs 86,377 and handed the cheque to MLA Shri Shyam Rajak. However when they gave the cheque to Mr Rajak, he advised them to meet the Chief Minister as he wasn't the right person. Since BSCD were not able to meet the CM, they handed the cheque to his assistant.

In Bihar there is a women's association named DWFB. Gulshan Nisha is the Vice President. Silky Gupta is the General Secretary. Have a look at DWFB's Board members. BSCD approached DWFB to help contribute to Bihar's CM Relief Fund. DWFB's Board members agreed and collected funds from 14 districts of Bihar. They collected Rs 15,210 and handed the cheque to the Bihar CM Relief Fund.

BSCD and DWFB aim is to help eradicate COVID-19 from Bihar.