Pragya Thakur Says ‘Cow Urine’ Effective Against COVID

Bharatiya Janata Party leader Pragya Thakur has said, Cow urine can help beat Covid-19, urging party workers to also consume gau mutra.

Speaking at a party event in Bhopal on 16th May, BJP MP - Pragya Thakur said, “I consumed cow urine daily and it is a kind of acid which purifies my body. It also purifies the lungs and saves me from Covid-19 infection. I don’t take any medicine against corona but I am safe.” Thakur then went on to explain how to consume it too. She said, “The urine should belong to an Indian cow breed & one who only eats grass from a forest. The cow urine should then be filtered at least 16 times using a cotton cloth before consumption.” A day later, on 17th May she said, “I said what I practise. It is my belief and I didn’t force anybody to follow this.”This is not the first time Thakur has made such outrageous claims. Earlier, Thakur, who had gone through ‘Double Mastectomy’ - This is the removal of both breasts. It is a risk-reducing surgery for women at very high risk for getting breast cancer. However, Thakur claimed that her breast cancer risk was cured due to cow urine and other by-products of cow. Many doctors have warned against using cow urine to protect against Covid-19. Doctors said it does not give any protection and could cause other infections like black fungus.