DYB Distributes Food to the Deaf in India

Amidst the deadly COVID-19 outbreak in India, the Deaf Youth of Bengaluru (DYB) has helped support thousands of struggling people. Watch our latest video to learn more!

In Bengaluru, there is an association named Deaf Youth of Bengaluru (DYB). It was recently set-up and founded by two individuals. Siddharth J M & Avinash Jalari. Before starting DYB, Avinash had a lot of experience volunteering for various NGOs. The team decided that since Deaf individuals are suffering due to the COVID lockdown, they would support them by distributing food. A video message in Sign Language was posted on DYB's official Instagram page. In about 3 weeks they received Rs 1.70 lakh in donations. They then ordered items such as rice, wheat, oil and other essentials. 250 food packages were distributed to struggling Deaf individuals. They were distributed in a span of two and half weeks in Bengaluru and various remote areas.

Since DYB still had some of the funds left, they saw many daily wage workers struggling to survive due to the lockdown. DYB placed an order for food to Imitiaz’s family catering business and the food was made in packages. These were then distributed to 1,500 daily wage workers over a period of 6 days. Due to the lockdown they were unable to return as no transportation was available. The Government had arranged for the 3,000 migrant workers to stay at the Bangalore Palace.

DYB went there three times, to distribute lunch. This time they decided to extend their support to various areas in the state of Karnataka.

In Kolar, the DYB team went and distributed food to 12 Deaf individuals. In Nelamangala Town,they distributed 8 food packages. Since the team was unable to go to Kollegal, another remote area, they transferred the money, and the people there purchased items and distributed them among 8 individuals.

In Coorg, there is a Deaf school with 28 students. DYB transferred Rs 5,000 to them to feed the children. DYB had conducted many initiatives to feed humans. However there were many dogs that were starving.

Earlier people would feed the dogs but now the dogs are starving as they are unable to find food due to lockdown. Bharat, a volunteer working with the DYB team, approached DYB to feed stray dogs. They purchased dog food, biscuits and fed 100 dogs in Bengaluru. After helping out in Karnataka, they saw that many were suffering in various parts of India. They approached an association named RH Films in Maharashtra, who agreed to support Deaf individuals. DYB donated Rs 2,500 and Siddharth personally donated Rs 7,500. In all Rs 10,000 was donated and RH Films used it to purchase food items and distributed them personally to 8 Deaf individuals.

In Maharashtra's Ahmednagar, a Deaf person and his family were struggling to survive. DYB decided to transfer Rs 2,500 to him. Another family in Rajasthan, was suffering due to their very low income. DYB decided to donate Rs 3,000 to them. A girl from Gujarat and a boy from Odisha were married and working in Delhi. Due to the lockdown, the husband found it very difficult to make ends meet and they even had a 6 month old baby. The woman was in poor health as she was not eating well as they did not have enough money. This is why she was unable to feed the baby as well. DYB then decided to transfer Rs 4,000 to them and even helped to book her train tickets so she could return to her family in Surat. Being a new organisation, DYB have conducted so many helpful deeds. Cheers to DYB for supporting all humans alike!