Man Walks 450 KM After Argument With Wife

An Italian man walked for 450 Kms to cool down after an argument with his wife. He was fined for breaking COVID-19 lockdown rules.

A 48-year-old Italian man was frustrated after an argument with his wife. To cool down, he went for a walk. He was arrested and fined by the police, for breaking Covid lockdown norms. He had walked for 450 km!  His walk started in Como, in the north of Italy, and ended 450 km south in the small town of Fano. He was surprised to know that he walked so far. On initial checks, the police found out that he had been missing for a week. His wife had filed a missing person’s report in Como a week earlier.

The man told the police, "I came here on foot, I did not use any transport. Along the way I met people who offered me food and drink. I am OK, just a bit tired.”He averaged 60 kms daily. Even though the man appeared lucid, he was cold and tired. He accepted that he did not realise how far he had walked during his long hike to clear his mind. The police informed his wife about him and she arrived to take him home. She confirmed to the police that he had walked out of their home in Como, after the two had an argument a week before and she had not seen him since then. The man was asked to pay the 400 Euro fine for breaching Covid-19 overnight curfew as Italy has issued curfew from 10pm to 5am to reduce its second wave of coronavirus cases.