Deaf Jeweller Distributes Food to 55 in Siliguri

Ankit Agarwal, a Deaf businessman who owns a jewellery store in Siliguri, West Bengal in association with North Bengal Association of the Deaf (NBAD), distributed food to 55 Deaf individuals.

India has been on a lockdown due to COVID-19. Even though the lockdown has lifted in some places, people still continue to suffer. Since people are starving, there are still many who are distributing food. In West Bengal's Siliguri, there is a Deaf man named Ankit Agarwal - sign name - who has his own jewellery store. He works along with his father.

Since many poor people are struggling to survive, he and his father have been distributing food to all of them.

Four associations in West Bengal came together to distribute food to Deaf individuals who were suffering. When Ankit saw this, he was very happy. In Siliguri, West Bengal there is an association named NBAD, their Vice-President is Mr Sanjay Saha. He saw that many Deaf individuals were struggling.

Sanjay approached Ankit and asked for support to distribute food to the struggling Deaf. Ankit gladly agreed to help. Ankit contributed a large chunk of the funds and even Sanjay contributed to purchase items. However, Ankit insisted on good quality grains that he eats in his daily life. He wanted to provide a variety of foods.

Sanitisers, glucon-D and everything was made into packages. On 14th June 2020, they gathered 55 Deaf individuals and distributed the food packages as an act of support. Sanjay and Amit worked hard to plan the initiative.

Ankit was happy to distribute food. Ankit has requested all affluent Deaf individuals living across India, to support the Deaf who are struggling to survive. He has encouraged them to do this as the aim is to eliminate COVID-19. Similarly there are filmstars, politicians, industrialists, etc extending their support to the hearing and distributing food. Similarly, even Deaf individuals should do the same.