Fake Hand Sanitisers & Masks Sold in Markets

The COVID-19 pandemic has led to companies hoarding inflating essential items such as masks and hand sanitisers.

The spread of the Coronavirus has led to a lot of panic among people. People are rushing to stock up on hand sanitisers in order to protect themselves from the infection. As Coronavirus infection cases continued to increase, the Union government announced that face masks and hand sanitisers were "essential" commodities. This is so that companies do not hoard or over-priced these items.But still many have taken advantage of people’s panic to make a profit. This happened all over India. 

In Delhi, officials carried out a raid at a factory in Noida. At this factory 10,000 bottles of fake sanitisers were found in 50 cartons along with inferior-quality masks. These were going to be sold in Delhi. This is all because of a shortage of hand sanitisers in the market. Earlier sanitisers cost around Rs 30-40. Now the prices have increased to Rs 150.Many are even these fake sanitizers. Doctors say that using such sanitisers can cause skin problems and offer no protection against the virus.