KDWF & Shabaaz Shaik Help Deaf in Karnataka

A Karnatak based women’s association KDWF along with a Deaf Businessman Shabaaz Shaikh, has helped distribute food and essentials to the Deaf COmmunity amidst the COVID-19 lockdown.

In Karnataka Bangalore, there is a Foundation named KDWF, their President is Ms. Jessline Lewis and  General Secretary is Ms Chaitra B.N.  She is also the executive member of All India Foundation Deaf Women (AIFDW). KDWF was started in 2018 to help deaf women to bring out the inner talents and also to help them to solve their problems like domestic harassment, Divorce, Child Labour etc. They conduct skill-based competitions for deaf women and try to bring out hidden talents.  With the help of AIFDW, they educate deaf women in Computers training, tailoring, Jewellery and English skills etc. in Bangalore. KDWF team participated in National Cultural Festival conducted at Hyderabad by AIFDW and got first prize in drama competition. KDWF donated food materials to people affected by floods in North Karnataka. At the time of Lockdown, under the leadership of Mrs Chaitra B.N. members helped the needy poor deaf people by distributing food kits. Treasurer Ms. Munirathnamma. P  visited the houses of the poor personally on 21st May 2020. There were many Deaf individuals, who were in need of help, but due to insufficient funds, KDWF was not able to help them. Fortunately, a Deaf man named Shabaaz Shaik, approached Ms Chaitra B.N (GS) who is a good friend of his and asked her to help him to meet deaf people who are poor and suffering to provide essential items to deaf people.


Shabaaz born and brought up in Bangalore, was a student of Sheila Kothavala Institute for Deaf School . He is a businessman selling different kinds of wood such as plywood, timber wood, pinewood and scrap wood. He provided groceries such as oil, rice, wheat, salt, masalas, vegetables, etc. Each weighing 10kg was distributed to 68 people. He had spent Rs. 30,000 for groceries which were distributed on 28th June 2020. 

However, there were still a few people who were not able to receive the essential items as the food packages got over. That is why Shabaaz’s mother donated Rs 8,000 to feed 35 people. She did not want anyone to return empty handed. All the Deaf individuals who received the food were very grateful to KDWF and Shabaaz as the Deaf were suffering and did not have money for food. Shabaaz is very thankful to KDWF for organising the initiative and maintaining social distancing while distributing the food packages. He said that he knew the lockdown would be extended after 5th July, this is why he wanted to distribute food so Deaf people do not suffer. He requests everyone to help Deaf Community in whatever way they can.