Doctor Tests Positive for Twice After Vaccination

Mumbai Doctor Tests Covid Positive Thrice, Twice After Both Vaccine Doses. Watch our latest video for more details.

A 26-year-old Mumbai doctor named Dr Shrushti Halari works at the Veer Savarkar Hospital in Mumbai's Mulund area. She got infected with the Coronavirus for the first time on 17 June 2020. She then took the first vaccine dose (Covishield) on 8 March 2021 and the second on 29 April. Her whole family was vaccinated together. However, a month later - on May 29 - Dr Halari tested positive for a second time, this time with mild symptoms that allowed for recovery at home. The virus then struck again - on July 11 Dr Halari tested positive for the third time. This time her entire family has been infected. Her four members are being treated with Remdesivir. 

Dr Halari said, “This third time I suffered more. My family and I were hospitalised, needed Remdesivir. My brother and mother have diabetes and my father has hypertension (BP) and cholesterol problems. My brother had difficulty breathing, so he was kept on oxygen for two days. We have been infected even though we have tested positive for antibodies. I am very confused about how I can test positive 2 times even after vaccination.” BMC officials have collected Dr Halari’s swab samples and checked why she got infected so many times after vaccination. Experts have pointed out that a Covid vaccine does not translate to immunity from the disease, and that even after both doses people can still get infected. It may happen because a person’s immunity is very low or because of the new strains of coronavirus. The benefit of the vaccine, they have stressed, is that breakthrough infections are milder, rarely require hospitalisation and very unlikely to be fatal.