Russia, China & New Zealand Order Lockdown

Due to the rise of Covid-19 case, many countries like Russia, China, New Zealand etc have imposed a lockdown.

Russian President Vladimir Putin ordered a nationwide week-long paid holiday to curb Covid infections in the country from 30 October to 7 November.  He also urged Russians to show "responsibility" and get vaccinated. Putin made this decision as Russia registered over 34,000 new virus cases and a record 1,028 coronavirus deaths in a single day. Russia is not the only country in the world to impose a lockdown. Many countries are doing the same as the Delta Variant is rapidly spreading across the world and with winters soon approaching, they feel there can be a rise in infections. 

China has also imposed a lockdown in 2 northern states. This is because China got 9 infections in a day and since September China would hardly get any infections. Infections in a day were very high for them so they put a lockdown in two states. 

New Zealand has extended its lockdown in Auckland for 2 more weeks as the Delta Variant is rapidly spreading through the country. 

Currently, in the UK, the government has lifted almost all restrictions and life has gone back to normal. However, experts say that this has led to a rise in infections and could very possibly lead to a 3rd wave.

Currently, India has administered 100 crore doses. Only 21% of the entire Indian population has been fully vaccinated and infections on the rise but no lockdowns have been imposed as of now. 

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