WHO Warns of ‘Second Peak’ of COVID-19

The World Health Organization said that countries, where coronavirus infections are decreasing, may face an "immediate second peak".

The World Health Organization on Monday 25th May said that countries, where coronavirus infections are decreasing, may face an "immediate second peak". This can happen if restrictions to stop the spread of the virus are eased out too soon. WHO emergencies head Dr Mike Ryan told in an online briefing, that cases are decreasing in many countries but they are still increasing in Central and South America, South Asia and Africa. Ryan said epidemics often come in waves. The world is still in the first wave of the coronavirus outbreak. Which means once the first wave of infections are over, there could be a second wave later this year. 

“We cannot think that now the infection is decreasing so it will still decrease more and that will have time to be ready for the second wave after many months. "We also need to be aware that the infections can suddenly increase at any time. This can even happen during the first wave or after the infections have reduced.” Hence we need to be very careful and ensure strict rules are imposed and implemented to control the virus. Many European countries and states in the USA have imposed lockdowns to stop the spread of the virus. They had recently eased the lockdown that was causing harm to the economy.

Dr Mike added that countries in Europe and North America should continue the public health rules, social rules, testing etc to be sure that the decrease in the infection continues and we do not have the second peak immediately.