Covid Vaccine Passports: A New Trend

Covid Vaccine passport is proof that a person has been vaccinated. Many countries are now asking for coronavirus vaccination documents and only then they are allowed to travel.

The coronavirus pandemic is bringing about a change in everything. In the travel sector, vaccine passports would become popular. Covid Vaccine passport is a document having the proof that the person has been vaccinated. It can be an e-certificate that records jabs and COVID test status. It can be kept in digital formats or in the smartphone app.It has to be shown at security checkpoints during cross-country travel. Many countries in the world are now opening their borders for safe travel. 

Denmark is one of the first countries in the world to launch its own Corona passport that gives permission to vaccinated citizens to travel beyond country borders. However, thousands of people protested against the digital vaccination certificates as they claim the passport implies they will have to compulsorily get the vaccine.  

Sweden plans to launch a digital coronavirus "vaccine passport" by summer. 

Iceland too has started issuing digital Covid-19 vaccine certificates. This certificate will be valid at the border of the country. 

Hungary is planning to launch an 'immunity passport' that can act as evidence that the traveller had been earlier infected by the coronavirus and thus has antibodies against the disease. 

Thailand and Australia have also proposed to launch vaccine passports to avoid quarantines for the travellers who have been vaccinated. 

Israel has started a Green Booklet that will be issued after both the doses. This booklet will allow people who have been inoculated to travel and access public spaces/large social gatherings. 

Britain (UK) has rejected the introduction of vaccine passports but people can seek proof from doctors' to travel. 

Coronavirus vaccine passports might become the currency for travel in future.