Society In Mumbai Scammed into Fake Vaccine Camp

A housing society in Mumbai's Kandivali area has complained to police that it was apparently cheated by some persons who organized a COVID-19 vaccination camp.

A housing society in Mumbai's Kandivali named Hiranandani Heritage Residents Welfare Association (HHRWA) had organised a COVID vaccination camp on May 30. The HHRWA had organized the camp through a person named Pandey, who claimed to be a sales representative of a reputed private hospital in Andheri. As many as 390 members received the jabs at the camp at ? 1,260 per person. However, the society members received their vaccination certificates, the certificates had names of different hospitals. They were shocked to receive vaccination certificates in the name of Nanavati Hospital, Lifeline Hospital, and NESCO Covid Camp, etc. When the society contacted Nanavati Hospital, the hospital said they had never organized any vaccination drive. Other hospitals denied it as well. 

Plus when the members checked their account on the Co-WIN website, there was no record of their vaccination. The HHRWA also said that none of the people who got vaccinated had the usual after-effects like fever or body ache. A society member who coordinated to arrange the vaccination camp said that after payment of the vaccine, the person did not give any receipt as well. The society then filed a complaint with the police about the matter. The society members are wondering whether they were actually given Covishield or was it just glucose or expired/waste vaccine. Meanwhile, the Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation (BMC), has made it mandatory that all private vaccination providers and housing societies must sign a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with all details if any vaccination camps are to be organised.