Delhi Capital Under Quarantine, IPL Cancelled?

The camp of Delhi Capitals has been diagnosed with its first case of Covid-19 this season, will this result in the termination of IPL mid-way again?

A couple of weeks since the Indian Premier League (IPL) 2022 has started, the BCCI has been very very careful to ensure that their players are safe from COVID-19. This is the reason why the matches are being played only In Mumbai, Navi Mumbai and Pune. They wanted to limit their travel and exposure to people.

The BCCI had allowed 50 per cent capacity in stadiums as COVID-19 cases were reduced across the country. 

However, the cases are rising once again with rising fears of a fourth wave of COVID-19 across the country.

The BCCI did not want to risk anything because if a single person got COVID it would be a big headache. 

Everyone had to be quarantined and it could risk the tournament where crores of Rupees were invested. 

The Delhi Capitals were supposed to play against Punjab Kings at the MCA Stadium in Pune on April 20. 

Delhi Capital’s team physio Patrick Farhart had earlier been isolated after testing positive. Despite all the BCCI’s efforts, now another player of the Delhi Capitals team tested positive and everyone has been put under quarantine in their rooms with door-to-door Covid-19 tests which were held on 18th and today 19th April. According to the BCCI rules, if Delhi Capital fails to come up with 11 COVID negative team members to play the upcoming match, then the match will be postponed. If the BCCI is unable to schedule the match later in the season, the matter will be referred to the IPL Technical Committee and a final decision will be taken.

However, the BCCI is very very worried. Because the last segment of IPL which was held in 2021, was drastically affected because of the covid-19 surge among the players which forced the organizers to reschedule the entire season and also later relocate it to Dubai. What do you think about this, do let us know in the comment section below.