DCGI : Gautam Gambhir Stored COVID Drugs Illegally

The DCGI has told the Delhi High Court that Gautam Gambhir illegally purchased and distributed medicine and oxygen.

Cricketer Gautam Gambhir has become a politician and is now with the BJP party and a member of the Lok Sabha. In April, his Foundation was offering free Fabi flu medicines and oxygen cylinders. However, there was a severe backlash as the AAP party accused him of storing medicines at a time when there was a shortage. 

The DCGI has told the Delhi High Court that as per their investigation, Fabiflu and oxygen were distributed for free by Gambhir but he neither had a license to either buy or distribute it. So they have illegally purchased and distributed the medicine and oxygen. The DCGI said that Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) MLA Praveen Kumar also did the same thing. The offence carries a punishment of five years in jail. The DCGI told the Delhi High Court that action should be taken "without delay" against both of them. The court has asked the DCGI to file a report within six weeks. The next court hearing will be on July 29.

In response to all these allegations, Gambir has continued to say that he has done nothing wrong and will continue to do what he could for the public good.