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Why Hindu Women Are Not Allowed at Shamshan Ghats?

There is a psychological and scientific reason why Hindu women are not allowed to perform and attend cremations. Watch this video to know them.

5 Nations Share India's Independence Day

The land of culture, history and beauty—India is celebrating its 77th Independence Day. On this occasion, we wandered a little beyond our borders to see if there were any other countries that marked t

Odia Woman Runs 42.5 km Marathon in Saree in UK

Here’s a story that will leave you beaming with pride for our heritage and culture. Odia woman completes a 42.5km marathon wearing a beautiful Sambalpuri saree.

Why Do We Have Bells in the Temples?

In Hindu culture, bells play a very important role. From temples to small bells at temples at home, they are almost always used in rituals, here are some of the importance of the bells in the temple.

Mizoram Named Silent City of India

Mizoram, a beautiful small state in India is not just beautiful by nature but it also has a lot to learn from its people and their culture, Just from the traffic sense which people have in this state,

International Week of Deaf 2021 Day 6: Deaf Culture and Arts

Today is the 6th day of the International Week of Deaf 2021! Watch our latest video to learn about the significance of today’s theme.

Allahabad HC: Declare Cow as the National Animal

In a recent order, Justice Yadav of the Allahabad High Court denied bail to a person arrested for stealing and slaughtering a cow. He said that cows are an important part of Indian culture, and should

Perform 30 Squats & Get Free Railway Ticket

Indian Railways has started a new initiative to promote the culture of fitness among the people and help you save your hard earned money as well. Watch our latest video to know more.

BJP MLA Says ‘Sanskars’ Will Stop Rapes

When asked about the increase in rapes in Uttar Pradesh, BJP MLA has said good values and a cultured environment for women would the ideal solution to reduce rapes.

Patanjali Enters Agriculture Sector to Help Farmers

Patanjali files patents with the Indian government to help Indian farmers increase crop production.

US to Host First Dalit Film Festival

Columbia University to host the first Dali Film and Cultural Festival in New york, to encourage the talents of the Dalit community.