Hundreds Line Up for ‘Mystery Medicine’ to Cure Covid-19

Taking advantage of the rising number of COVID-19 cases, a self-proclaimed Ayurvedic doctor has been giving 'miracle medicine' for the treatment. Watch our latest video to learn more.

In Andhra Pradesh’s Nellore district there is Krishnapatnam village.Since the beginning of May, in the village, a self-proclaimed Ayurvedic doctor named Bonigi Anand has been preparing and distributing medicines. He claims that medicine prevents or cures Covid-19. Everyday hundreds of people stand in long queues to get a miracle medicine. As per sources, the people stand in three queues - 1) people who have tested positive, 2) people who have a fever and other symptoms and 3) people who wish to build their immunity. 

The Ayurvedic doctor Bonigi Anand, said that he has prepared four medicines and has marked them with different alphabets. ‘P’ stands for lung infections, medicines marked ‘F’ will remove toxins, ‘L’ will strengthen the liver and ‘K’ will cure critical cases. Anand said that he prepared the medicines with ingredients including pepper, green camphor, nutmeg, honey, black cumin and cinnamon. Official sources informed that district collector KVN Chakradhar Babu formed a team of medical officers from the district medical and health office (DMHO) and from the Ayush department. This team will examine the medicine prepared by the doctor and submit a report. Krishnapatnam circle inspector Khaja Vali said, "One of the main reasons for the crowds is that people genuinely believe that this medicine could work and there haven't been side effects reported so far. "