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Sign Names of Kashmir Files Actors

Watch our latest video ti know the sign names of the entire cast of Kashmir Files.

The Kashmir Files | Official Trailer in Indian Sign Language | ISH News

For the first time in Indian cinema, a movie trailer has been translated in Indian Sign Language. Click on this link to watch the video and stay tuned to ISH news!

Live ISL Interpretation of 73rd Republic Day Parade 2022

Like every year, even this year Delhi will be witnessing a grand parade with the Army march and showcase of tableaux from different states at the Rajpath. The strength of the Indian Armed Forces w

The Christmas Hit

This Christmas, attend a lavish masquerade party and be prepared for the funniest joke of the season!

Zee & Sony Merger Approved!

Board of directors of Zee Entertainment Enterprises Ltd (ZEEL) on December 22 approved the merger with Sony Pictures Networks India (SPNI).

TRAILER: The Christmas Hit

ISH News presents, the Biggest Party of the Season. A Christmas you will never forget! Video is releasing on 24th December at 7:00pm.

TEASER: The Christmas Hit

ISH News presents, the Biggest Party of the Season. A Christmas you will never forget! Coming Soon!

Night of the Dead

Monsters of the night come alive this Halloween and demand accessibility for the Deaf to make the world a more inclusive space for all! So come on watch our video and be ready to be spooked out of you

Life With Siblings - Raksha Bandhan Special

Siblings share an eternal bond despite the constant fights and arguments. Our latest video is an homage to the never ending love between them. Watch our latest video and enjoy!

LIVE ISL Interpretation of PM Modi’s Speech on 75th Independence Day

Click on the link below, to watch the LIVE ISL Interpretation of Honourable Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s Speech on the 75th Independence Day of India.

ISL Translation of #DettolAnthem - Mil ke Harayenge

ISH News in Collaboration with Reckitt Benckiser, has translated Dettol’s Anthem - "Mil ke Harayenge" into Indian Sign Language. Click on the link, to enjoy the fully accessible advertisement!

ISL Translation of #DettolAnthem - Mil ke Harayenge (Full Version)

ISH News in Collaboration with Reckitt Benckiser, has translated Dettol’s Anthem - "Mil ke Harayenge" into Indian Sign Language. Click on the link, to enjoy the FULL VERSION of the advertisement whic

A Soldier’s Heartbreaking Story

This heartbreaking story about a soldier, is a reminder for all of us to be supportive & understanding towards those who are different from us!

Help Us Help You

Inorder to provide ISL translation, ISH News wants a small favour. This will help us convince TV Serial & Movie companies to provide ISL translation services.

Do You Want More TV Serials in ISL?

Since we released the TV serial ‘Shakti’ with Indian Sign Language translation, we received so many requests to make other TV serials accessible. Watch our latest video to know how you can make this p

Shakti | Episode 968 | Indian Sign Language

In this episode of ‘Shakti’ to watch whether Heer develops feelings for Virat. Click on the link to watch the entire episode.

Shakti | Episode 967 | Indian Sign Language

In this episode of ‘Shakti’, Virat lies to save Heer. Click on the link and watch the entire episode in Indian Sign Language to know how heer feels about this gesture.

Shakti | Episode 966 | Indian Sign Language

In this episode of Shakti, Virat accepts the challenge to propose to heer. Watch the entire episode in Indian Sign Language to know if he succeeds or not.

Shakti | Episode 965 | Indian Sign Language

In this episode of “Shakti”, Harak Singh scolds Heer and the entire Singh family. Watch the entire episode to know more about Heer’s reaction.

Shakti | Episode 964 | Indian Sign Language

ISH News brings to you the first episode of ‘Shakti’ translated in Indian Sign Language and stay tuned for more!

Introducing Sign Names of Shakti

For the first time in India, ISH News is translating a TV serial in Sign Language. In our latest video, we bring to you the characters of ‘Shakti’ with their unique sign names.

Shakti | Trailer | Indian Sign Language

For the first time in India & the world, ISH News is making history by making T.V serials accessible to the Deaf Community! Watch the trailer and be blown away by the power of Sign Language.

Uncertainty of Life of a Soldier

An army man withdraws Rs. 100/- from an ATM everyday. The watchman asks him the reason which surprises him. Watch our latest moral story to know the soldier’s reason.

The Dirtiest Garbage in the World

A hilarious joke about two men who discover the dirtiest garbage in the watch. Watch the video & enjoy!

Nutritionist Shweta Shah's Tips to Protect Against COVID-19

Shweta Shah Senior Nutritionist and founder of Healing Lotus Wellness Clinic, has outlined preventive measures Acupuncture and Nutrition to protect against the COVID-19 outbreak. Watch the video to le

Amitabh Bachchan’s Message on COVID-19

ISH News brings to you the Indian Sign Language translation of Amitabh Bachchan’s message on COVID-19, under the initiative of UNICEF.

Be Thankful for What you Have

A touching story about a father and a son, and the importance of valuing the gifts of life.

Hard Work Pays in Gold

A moral story about the secret to earning riches in life.

A Wife’s Witty Revenge

A watch a latest joke video to see a wife take a funny revenge on her husband.

Learn from Your Mistakes

A short story about America’s greatest inventor and his never say die attitude.

ISL Translation of TV Actors Messages Against Coronavirus

The television fraternity has come together to spread a special message of positivity and social distancing. ISH News has translated this video into Indian Sign Language to provide accessibility to th

The Wise Man & His Jokes

Watch our latest moral story to learn about a wise man’s funny jokes and his helpful life lessons.

Smartest Man on the Flight

Watch our latest moral story about a priest, lawyer, doctor and pilot to know who is the smartest among them all.

Better Safe than Sorry

Our latest moral story is of an impetuous teenager that learns a lesson after a serious mistake. Watch the video and learn all about it.

ISL Translation of Muskurayega India

ISL translation of Muskurayega India aims at spreading hope, love and happiness across the nation with the power Indian Sign Language. We hope this song infuses the country with positivity and unity.

The Free Coconut

A rich but miser man is out to buy a coconut. Will he get his free coconut? Watch our latest moral story to know more.

The Four Smart Students

A story about how a college dean teaches four students the importance of responsibility.

Talented Writers & Directors of Deaf Entertainment

On 23rd June 2019, Deaf Entertainment showcased a collection of their movies in Mumbai. These movies were created by an all Deaf team.

Deaf Entertainment Hosts Movie Show in Mumbai

Deaf Entertainment a team of Deaf individuals is all set to host a movie show in Mumbai.

Inmates Party & Gamble in UP Jail

Prisoners in Naini Central Jail in Uttar Pradesh have turned the jail into a pub for their entertainment. The inmates party, drink liquor, gamble and non-vegetarian food.

Lost In The Desert

Two men have gotten lost in the desert. Join them on this quest, as they hunt for food and water.

Cooking The Khichdi (Rice)

When Akbar refuses to give reward to a poor man for standing in the cold lake, Birbal came into his rescue.

The Valentine Secret Girlfriend

This Valentine’s day watch a crazy bunch people help a naughty husband cover up his tracks, from his suspicious wife.

Pundit's Mother Tongue

While everyone in Emperor Akbar’s court failed to guess the Pundit’s mother tongue, Birbal was given a challenge to guess correctly.

Rudolph, The Red Nose Reindeer

This festive season, the winners of our christmas contest have performed the famous christmas carol, Rudolph the red nosed reindeer in Indian Sign Language.

The Blind Man with A Lamp

The blind man is carrying a lamp even though he is not able to see. When provoked, he explains his true purpose.

Honey, What’s for the Dinner?

The old man suspects that his wife is becoming deaf and his doctor instructs him how to test her hearing level.

Just One Question

Akbar always tested Birbal and made many attempts to outwit him, but in the end Birbal always came up on top.

The Man And The Bank Loan

A wealthy man gives his recently-purchased Rolls Royce to the bank as a security for the loan of $5000.

Half the Reward

When Guard did not allow Mahesh Das to enter Akbar’s court on the condition that Guard should get half of rewards given to Mahesh, Mahesh used his wit.

Think Carefully Before You Judge The Others

The father of the victim in an accident, is very upset with the surgeon for coming to hospital late and jumps into quick conclusions.

The Body Full of Pain

The young girl complains the doctor of the severe pain in all parts of her body whenever she touches them with her finger. The doctor solves the issue.