New Zealand Man Got 10 Covid-19 Vaccine Doses in a Day

Probe Launched Against New Zealand Man Who got 10 Covid-19 Vaccine Doses in a Day.

According to reports, New Zealand has a population of 5 million and it has reported about 12,500 cases and 46 deaths since the onset of the pandemic. About 89% of its residents are fully vaccinated. However, a report in the Stuff magazine on 11th December has shocked everyone. The report claimed that a man in New Zealand took 10 Covid-19 vaccines in a day. The report said that the man was paid by different people to take the vaccine on  their names so that they can get the certificate and wanted the privileges of vaccinated persons but didn't want to get the vaccine themselves. The man visited several immunisation centres and got the shots. You may wonder how someone can take the vaccine in someone else’s name? Let me tell you. In New Zealand, Covid-19 vaccines can either be booked through a website, via a doctor, or people can turn up to walk-in centres. A person has to provide their name, date of birth, and address to health care workers to get the vaccine shots.


To make vaccination accessible to all, people are not required to show a photo identification and because of this some people take advantage of it. A report in The Guardian said that in New Zealand, many people are being paid to receive the vaccine on someone else’s behalf who want to skirt restrictions imposed on unvaccinated persons. New Zealand Covid-19 vaccination and immunisation spokesperson said, “We are very concerned about this situation. Taking another person’s identity / name and receiving medical treatment is dangerous. This puts at risk the person who receives the vaccination and the person whose health record will show they have been vaccinated when they have not.” After this incident came to light, the health ministry in New Zealand has urged anyone who has had more vaccine doses than recommended to seek clinical advice.