Delhi’s Nizamuddin Area Quarantined Due to COVID-19

Over 300 people in Delhi's Nizamuddin area were taken to different hospitals to be tested for COVID-19.

Over 300 people in Delhi's Nizamuddin area were taken to different hospitals on Monday to be tested for COVID-19.These people had attended a religious gathering in the Nizamuddin area in mid-march. 9 Indians who attended the event have died.Authorities identified the mosque as the common point of contact between a patient who died in Srinagar and 11 Indonesians who tested positive in Hyderabad.Earlier this month, the Delhi government restricted religious, social, cultural and political gatherings.The gathering of around 1500 people was held without permission from authorities. People from different parts of the country and Asia had attended the gathering. 

300 of these people who were showing symptoms of COVID-19 have been taken to hospitals by bus. The others are still inside the mosque and not allowed to come out.Nine preachers who came from Andaman & Nicobar tested positive for Covid-19.Further contact tracing is currently underway.The Delhi Police has cordoned off a major area in Nizamuddin where several people showed symptoms of COVID-19.Nearly 400 houses are under observation. There are five exit points which are being guarded by the police. 

Owners of all 41 shops, including 5 chemists have been told that they cannot have more than three customers at one time,The police are using drones to monitor the movement of people in the area.The police have also served notices for holding a religious gathering there.